Monday, January 31, 2011

Iphone Photos and Videos SPAMMM~! hehe

hello everyone!!

nice to see you here again! (^u^)/

see anything different? ^^

i used different sets of eyelashes!!

tada~! my new loots from style gallery tokyo~
( but i find them a little costly! )

i love the upper eyelashes by eyemazing!

my lower eyelashes from diamond lashes (model eye) =D

sorry the resolution from iphone wasn't that good in poor lighting condition >.<
i didn't bring my camera out that day!
and most importantly, it's because...

i didn't charge my camera battery!
so i couldn't camwhore with my G11! =(



but but! 
i went out with my dear dear!
and we took a lot of photos using my iphone! heheeh

* he doesn't know where he should stare into*

cheeky look! wahaha

and i asked him to camwhore a little...

guys don't camwhore as much..
his first time trying...
but passable! hehehehe

the most camwhore-ish photo...

 but because he is soooo slow in camwhoring..
i can't help but to disturb him!!

( i'm really surprised he agreed into camwhoring in the first place though.. wahahah )

camwhoring is a GIRLS' thing!
*dominating the camera*

hehehe. looking through the photos now really makes me laugh ..

i hope it does bring smile to your face too!


i'm sorry that the resolution wasn't that good and it doesn't really brings out the GOOD of the eyemazing lashes...

i will definitely take more photographs next time when my battery is charged! =D

but you might want to watch this crazy video that i took in the car.
can see the lashes more clearly! =D

*but you might want to mute the video*

Saturday, January 29, 2011

tsubasa-sama's new blog and i love KYARI!

hello guys!

a few days ago, tsubasa sama created her new blog on ameblo!!

and it sprung up to the ranking on the very first day!!


so.. now...

i'll present you with

i'm sure many of you all have already know this...

but i just want to share because i've been crazily following her blog recently!!

it's duper duper cute!!

tsubasa chan with her dolly wink eyeshadow

her skin is flawless~


i also stalked KYARI's blog!

everytime i read her blog, i will feel hugging her!!
she's soooo cute!!

not only because she's cute, the thing that i really like about reading her blog is that...

she is soooooooo funny!!


i feel re-energized reading her blog ^^

one of my favourite videos she made,

she's just tooo adorable!!

i added quite a few singaporeans' blog to my daily reads ( or maybe when i'm free )!
soooo pretty! <3 hehehe

i love stalking blogs!
esp pretty girls! <3

last but not least,
i enjoyed reading your blogs!
even though some are in a different language, but i feel happy even by looking at the photos!
love to see how everybody is doing hehe.

(even though i'm a little busy with exams now so i cannot reply to all the comments nor comment at the post) 

happy blogging everyone!


Friday, January 28, 2011

yeah!! iphone!

hello everyone!!

i miss you guys so much

because i have a small break before my next test ( one week break )

i spent more than two hours visiting and reading blogs!


hehehehe. sorry for being such a stalker. wahahahaha


in this post...

i just want to shout out LOUD that...

my mama got for me an IPHONE!! 

( i know it's a little late/slow but..)

i'm super elated!! hehehehe


 i really like the iphone's camera!

because it has internal camera ( don't know the exact name but it faces you! so you can cam-whore more efficiently) hehehehe

not only that, it's external camera is able to take really clear images!

my coloured skull model

good for reference esp when i have anatomy test.
(see my cranial foramina~)

the dragon ball milk tea store that i've tried today!
*coloured pearls~*

the dress that i've bought today
( i changed to them almost immediately wahaha )

the quality and colour is comparable to a digital camera! <3

i love the external camera!

and as you all know, i love taking photograph of all the delicious food i had~

 the photoss turned out great!


my dinner
steak steak at republic of steak <3

hehehe the smiley my dear drawn on his cutlet

see how clear the photo is~ <3



and even though i love my external camera...

i love my internal camera more!!

cause i would be able to camwhore~~

me, without eye makeup..

going to school for test hehehe
( so ready to go shopping after that )

me, with eye makeup~
and after shopping at bugis~!

<3 my new dress

( the photographs taken by the internal camera is not as high quality as the ones taken by the external camera but it's nice still - i think hahaha)


there are soooo many apps in iphone to make your photographs look sooo much cuter!

my favourite : INSTAGRAM~

7th month TOFU~

in conclusion~

i love my iphone!!

will iphone i will be able to check the comments as and when i like too! <3



Wednesday, January 26, 2011

akibanana memories

hello guys!

akibanana cafe's last day is on last sunday! =(

the old maids >.< and i decided to go down to visit it again!

we invited some of our photographer friends as well ( who are regulars of the cafe too! )

from left to right: ME! RINGO! MIKAN!

while waiting for one of our friends...

we camwhored and had a little mini photoshoot!

had soooo much fun! hehehe

using my humble camera

please ignore my balding part. waahaha

the photographers taking their photographers
( i'm one the photographers too =D )
they look like animals in zoo. wahahahah >.<

( will upload the photographs they have taken after i've received everything =D ) 

we went up to the cafe after receiving a call from my friend as she could not make it for the meetup...
( i miss you kiwi ! )

toooooook tons of photos as well!

ringo~ she's my favourite senior of akibanana ( even though she's so much younger than me haha)

soooo cute!
*spamming her photos on my blog*


my cute ringo's blog :

mikan, with her very signature-mikan-look

and also~
my own camwhoresss~

recently i love winking!

side note : do you know that winking can actually slim your face?
but you can't just wink on only one side of your face, if not you will have uneven face!

a new setting ( wide photograph )
i accidentally changed the setting of my camera hahaha

and this is really funny!
looks like i've got big head and small body! >.<


accidentally clicked on the black and white function! >.<
but it's kind of nice! heheheehe

i love this spects!
and my center parting hair~

me with yuezhi
the kind photographer that lent me his DSLR to take amateur photos!
i didn't know DSLR has got shutter life span! >.<

some of the great photographs that i've taken =D hehehe

the looking-afar shot that i've taken~
sooooooo nice~ sooooo 90s~ wahahahah

nice? wahahahhahahaha
*look at the magazine*

am i a goooood photographer? hehehe

and also...
most importantly..

i went back to take...

my neko neko cup!
it's the first present from my dear dear!
(but my boss took it because she thought it's from the cafe hahaha )

*this is a scheduled post, i'm most likely studying right now... i will try to reply the comments asap! love you guys*


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