Wednesday, January 26, 2011

akibanana memories

hello guys!

akibanana cafe's last day is on last sunday! =(

the old maids >.< and i decided to go down to visit it again!

we invited some of our photographer friends as well ( who are regulars of the cafe too! )

from left to right: ME! RINGO! MIKAN!

while waiting for one of our friends...

we camwhored and had a little mini photoshoot!

had soooo much fun! hehehe

using my humble camera

please ignore my balding part. waahaha

the photographers taking their photographers
( i'm one the photographers too =D )
they look like animals in zoo. wahahahah >.<

( will upload the photographs they have taken after i've received everything =D ) 

we went up to the cafe after receiving a call from my friend as she could not make it for the meetup...
( i miss you kiwi ! )

toooooook tons of photos as well!

ringo~ she's my favourite senior of akibanana ( even though she's so much younger than me haha)

soooo cute!
*spamming her photos on my blog*


my cute ringo's blog :

mikan, with her very signature-mikan-look

and also~
my own camwhoresss~

recently i love winking!

side note : do you know that winking can actually slim your face?
but you can't just wink on only one side of your face, if not you will have uneven face!

a new setting ( wide photograph )
i accidentally changed the setting of my camera hahaha

and this is really funny!
looks like i've got big head and small body! >.<


accidentally clicked on the black and white function! >.<
but it's kind of nice! heheheehe

i love this spects!
and my center parting hair~

me with yuezhi
the kind photographer that lent me his DSLR to take amateur photos!
i didn't know DSLR has got shutter life span! >.<

some of the great photographs that i've taken =D hehehe

the looking-afar shot that i've taken~
sooooooo nice~ sooooo 90s~ wahahahah

nice? wahahahhahahaha
*look at the magazine*

am i a goooood photographer? hehehe

and also...
most importantly..

i went back to take...

my neko neko cup!
it's the first present from my dear dear!
(but my boss took it because she thought it's from the cafe hahaha )

*this is a scheduled post, i'm most likely studying right now... i will try to reply the comments asap! love you guys*


  1. Haha, you should really play around with your G11. You have the talent to take flattering pictures of people.

    *cough cough* 8D

  2. @ Kelly: Haha thanks, cute blog here too! You worked as a maid in AKB? I wanted to go but not sure how I'm gonna work there after admitting to poly, hummmhmmm :/

  3. Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! YOu're just toooo cuuuuuuute >< Loving the photos! Ringo and Mikan are so cute too! Hehe, you silly girls, I wanna camwhore with you too one daaaaaaaaaaaaay~ XD

  4. This was so nice post! ^^
    funny pictures! and you're so cute, like always ;w;
    Thihi, my favourite picture was that first one:3

  5. Haha! All the pictures are sooo cute! I especially love the first few where you do the duck lips/face with your friends in the back! Haha they make me giggle n____n

    You're very photogenic!

  6. ohh kiwi xD i know her too, vernice right~

    why is a87 closing tho D8 sadddd

  7. You look cuteeeeeee as!
    And the photos are so so so so nice. Your friends are all so pretty hehe. And what?! I didn't know that winking helps slim your face *WINKS A LOT LOL* heheh x)

    And neko cup!! <3

  8. Awww a87 haha. Looks like you guys had fun and the pictures came out well. Can't wait to see the rest.

    So A87 is closing? Well at least you get your neko cup back ;)

  9. Omg, your outfit!! *__* Too cute! ♥

  10. you all so cute!!!!>< it'seems so great meory there.....but so bad that i won't see you in the cute maid dress again T_T!

    i wanna see all the photos hehe....

  11. The Neko cup is from Germany! "Naschkatze" is German. I know that, because I'm German haha 8D
    Where did you get it?


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