Wednesday, January 19, 2011

me? OFF mode and ON mode.


today my friends were facebook-ing in lesson..

and they looked at me..

and commented, " i'm always amazed of how different you look from your facebook profile pic"


*look into the mirror of my school-look*


my current fb profile pic

i'm a lazy girl... so i never put on makeup to school unless i'm meeting my dear dear to go somewhere special after school.


but i really can't imagine myself waking up one hour earlier ( okay, the fastest i could was about half an hour ) every morning...

*esp when it's raining outside and hiding in your blanket makes you feel so cosy...*

not in school but my recent trip to my friend's house.
super near my house = no make up! hahahah

in school~
hehehehe i realised, ( after looking through all my facebook photos) i hardly take decent photos of myself without makeup... usually with weird expressions.. >.<

this is a little more decent, i think.

and a very very old photo of me..
4 years back.
with black and oily hair.
i think i weigh about 50kg then? O.O

and this...

my profile picture on facebook


no wonder my friend would say that! wahahahaha

to further illustrate why my friend commented that,

i wear slippers to school
i'm a tee and pants person 
and it doesn't help when i look like i'm sleepy ( i'm actually really sleepy ) in school.

however, i really want to be pretty 24/7! 
okaeri once said that ( hahaha. like quoting from a literature person ) a girl is born to be cute thus we have to be as cute as we can ALWAYS~


so tmr, i will makeup to school!


just kidding.
there's practical test tomorrow, i will look super odd going with makeup.
i doubt my teacher will even recognise me lor..


  1. We're similar!! I put absolutely minimal make-up on when I go to school. I feel like there's really no point if you're just gonna sit in class, take notes, and then go home when it's done. I only take one class though, and it's really close to my house which makes me even more lazy to put on make-up. Thank goodness for shades! xD

    I think you look so adorable even without make-up, though! It's fun to make funny faces. ^__^

  2. You ain't the only one! I don't wear makeup to school either (except for concealer and mascara =x). I felt that it's a waste to really doll up just for school =/ Anyway, don't worry. You still looked cute without makeup~ :D

    I think the way you dressed for school is alright. That's what most polytechnic/university students wear nowadays. And i'm worst than you. I looked super restless when i'm in school due to my heavy dark circles xD Haha.

  3. Indeed different! ;]

    Oh, the animax below sounds awesome!

  4. wooooooow!! You do look different. When you have make up on, you look very Japanese me thinks! But either way you are jsut so adorable with thos funny faces > <
    I can't go out without make up... unless I'm going to the doctors!! :D

  5. You look cute without makeup and with makeup ;w;
    You look always cuuute!!! :D
    Haha, funny pictures ^^

  6. u look cute no matter what xD
    off and on mode like switch girl you mean? apparently she looks good in both too :P like youu
    personally i dont have on and off for face cus i dont bother doing anything since its awkward.. im still young and a bit too early for it, but in terms of dressing yessss! i take at least 20 mins to pick clothes if im going out and like take whatever on the top of the cupboard (random tee and shorts) when going somewhere that takes less than 20 minutes to go or just my house HAHAHA

    wearing slippers is just basic singaporean man! its sad cus no matter how nice my outfit gets in singapore it ends with slippers. LOL

    i like making faces too.. cus i dont know how to smile actually ><~

  7. hahaha also so cute without any make up >(´▽`)<

  8. Aww hahaha!
    I never wore makeup to school either. As if wake up so damn early just to put it on ;___;! Literally don't want to wake up hahaha :P And even now at uni, I can't be bothered :S Although I do have like eyeliner, mascara + contacts in my bag just in case I DO wanna wear it later on in the day. But stiilllll :\


  9. I guess I'm the oddball from most other people. I wear makeup to school all the time >.< On days that I feel reallly lazy, I still wear BB cream and mascara.

    I think all girls have this on and off thing, but it's not that we look bad without the makeup, just less "wow"

  10. nice pics!!!

  11. "a girl is born to be cute thus we have to be as cute as we can ALWAYS" haha love it!

  12. You're so good at pulling off weird faces!

    You look cute too!

  13. you looks really beatiful!!!even without makeup but wow yes makeup make a big difference!

  14. hahaha....that's cute!!i think when you don't makeup you're in the look of naughty girl but when you're makeup your look is sweet and gorgeous surprised to hear that you don't makeup to school i think you're makup to school haha....i always makeup to school but it's like i don't pale makeup and oily face!!! you should make up to school ...woman can't stop pretty!! so let's prettier! prettier!! and be angel in the class hehe...don't sleep thereeeee!!!...**Blink! blink! and Blink!!**** hehe...(by the way, i'm sleepy in class too and try hard to blink blink haha....)


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