Thursday, January 20, 2011

Review: PINK Lens

hello everyone!

(for your info, this is a pre-scheduled post, so most likely i'm still mugging! =( .... )

but now, i will do a review on my new pink lens!

it's my first pair of pink lens.

after sooo many ravings about it, i decided to order them.

and they are finally here!

my EOS G-207 PINK~

putting them on.
i personally find the smile in the photo is just pure eerie but you can see the len clearly here!

pink pink!
but it's not very obvious.

it's very comfortable.

wearing it for about 6 hours and doesn't feel dry.


that's all!


  1. So pretty ! This color suits you so well <3

  2. sho kyut !!
    the only pink ones i have is g208~ the one tsubasa wore for dolly wink lashes

  3. OMG i wanna that kind of lenses too! *w*
    Love that colour<3
    Those looks nice on you!!

  4. are super cute lens!

  5. awww look so cute on u .where did u get that ? =)so sad i think my eyes are too small for circle lens

  6. Way cute!! ♥ It's nice that it isn't too too pink, I think a subtle touch is much better for this color lens.

  7. You look adorableee!
    I really want pink lenses too~! Does yours have prescription in it or are they plano ? xo

  8. Okay I think I saw you today at wisma/ion/idunnowhereiwas hahahahaha!
    Was that you? :P

  9. so good! cny shopping! i also want!! TT_TT
    yup yup very pretty :D i guess it's you hoho
    when i see people i always don't dare say hi cus in the end they will give me a weird face and walk away LOL :P

  10. soooooo kawaii!! pink lens is nice!!! not too pink and your eyes so sweet>< interesting lens i wanna try !! i wanna try but i can't wear it to the university for sure! haha...and i think it must be weird on my eyes haha......but cute on kelly!!


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