Saturday, January 15, 2011


sorry girls ( and boys ) for not blogging for such a long time.

i'm packed with exams after exams.

falling sick..

super duper stressful now >.<

sooo.. i think i really need to blog to vent out some of the stress..
(blogging rocks!and i've beeeen craving to blog for soo long >.< )

right now..

i really really hope that time can pass faster and my holidays come as fast as possible
 ( and yet, i'm not prepared for exams, i need more time ! how contradicting hahaha )



i was browsing through the photos i've taken last year in japan..
( hehehe. guilty for slacking. but it's 2.28AM in Singapore now so i ought to *ahem* have some break hehe)

and i really want to go back there again.. >.<

when we are in NEX train going to shinjuku.
genuine happy smile. wahaha

pampering myself with a good haircut

tasting the most oishii ramen~

and the yummy-beyond-words sashimi don

praying at asakusa for good grades..

going to maid cafessssssss

going onsen to relax myself

and last but definitely NOT LEAST

in fact, most importantly...


the famous 109

my fav. shopping place in shibuya

looking through cute shops in harajuku

harajuku SBY
(but i prefer 109's SBY ) heheh

and taking tons and tons of purikura!!


but now, i've got to focus on my upcoming exams... 
(   =.=)


photos taken from my albums last year trip.

i hope one day i will be able to blog finish all.
(before my next trip, i hope)

i've still got harajuku, shibuya, osaka, onsen , shimokitazawa shopping not blogged yet!


  1. So cool pictures!
    (fooooood... :D )
    Aww, you have so cute smile ;w; <3

    1. Sử dụng thuốc nào khi bị tinh trùng yếu là câu hỏi của những cặp vợ chồng chưa có con, hãy đến muathuoctot để được tư vấn và đưa ra những biện pháp khắc phục hiệu quả nhất nhé. Sản phẩm Focus Factor Dietary Supplement là sản phẩm tăng cường trí nhớ cho người già và trẻ em hiệu quả nhất hiện nay.
      Làm cách nào để tăng kích thước cậu nhỏ tự nhiên là câu hỏi lớn của người Việt Nam chúng ta. Hãy cùng chúng tôi tham khảo thêm bài viết này và đưa ra những phương pháp phù hợp nhất với mình nhé các bạn

  2. I really enjoy view your blog! It's really fun seeing all your pictures from your travels and everyday stuff too.

  3. Teehee, I remember reading all your posts like a crazy person because they were so interesting ^.^

    I wish I knew enough Japanese to get me around town because I'd definitely go back for a visit.

  4. reminds me of your lasst trip!! that's womderful trip i want to go to there too!!
    avoid the stress by go to JAPAN nice! how nice!
    by the way,fight for the test!! kick the stress off.....stress will make our face older so kick it off! kick it off! and smile! fight them with your cute smile!!!^^
    good luck with your exam and reward yourself with this trip hehe

  5. ^__^ It seems that your trip to Japan was so funnn ne! I really want to go too but gotta save up heaps of money first so that I can splurge without worrying xD hahaha.

    MAID CAFE ~! I WANNA GOO!!!!! hehe

  6. awww nice~
    Can I go to Japan with you?? I want to go to the Maid Cafe! :(

  7. Good luck with your exams!!!!!

  8. Ganbatte Kelly!

    Seeing your photos of Japan makes me want to go there as soon as possible! *look into my purse* Ok, not so soon.....

    I'll be waiting for your post on Shibuya and Harajuku shopping! Hehehe!

  9. Hope you can get good grades this year xD
    And hope you can go to Japan again, soon!!
    And hope I can do to japan soon tooo T^T

    Please post tokyo shopping!!! XD

  10. both of you look really cute ^^
    you should watch some movies or yah blog abit to release some stress.being stressed is bad because it makes you look old so careful!:3 Oh and I hope you feel better now too :)

    yummy foods~:3 makes me hungry!


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