Saturday, January 29, 2011

tsubasa-sama's new blog and i love KYARI!

hello guys!

a few days ago, tsubasa sama created her new blog on ameblo!!

and it sprung up to the ranking on the very first day!!


so.. now...

i'll present you with

i'm sure many of you all have already know this...

but i just want to share because i've been crazily following her blog recently!!

it's duper duper cute!!

tsubasa chan with her dolly wink eyeshadow

her skin is flawless~


i also stalked KYARI's blog!

everytime i read her blog, i will feel hugging her!!
she's soooo cute!!

not only because she's cute, the thing that i really like about reading her blog is that...

she is soooooooo funny!!


i feel re-energized reading her blog ^^

one of my favourite videos she made,

she's just tooo adorable!!

i added quite a few singaporeans' blog to my daily reads ( or maybe when i'm free )!
soooo pretty! <3 hehehe

i love stalking blogs!
esp pretty girls! <3

last but not least,
i enjoyed reading your blogs!
even though some are in a different language, but i feel happy even by looking at the photos!
love to see how everybody is doing hehe.

(even though i'm a little busy with exams now so i cannot reply to all the comments nor comment at the post) 

happy blogging everyone!



  1. Ah! I also really enjoy reading the secnd blog!! XD The girl is really funny :D And her style is bold! I like! :3

  2. Ahhh I haven't been on ameblo in agessssss! And omg hahahaha those last few photos of Kyari reminds me of you ! heheheheh.

    I love your blogs too because of your awesome photos all the time Kelly <3 <3 <3

    Good luck with exams and such ;_;

  3. Omg haha, that video made me laugh. Good start to my morning! Thanks for introducing us to the blogs. I follow a few blogs that are not in English as well because the pictures are enough to know the story and I know I'll be following these ones as well ^.^

    Filling up my subscriptions = more time spent not doing homework weeee!

  4. I didn;t know she changed her layout! That is sooo cute it is an alice theme!! thanks for sharing. and the other girl, i'm shocked at her funny faces... its... epic... but cute at the same time!! heeeeeeeeeeeeeee >< so funny!
    can you read Japanese? :3

  5. tsubasa is so pretty *_*

  6. OMG Tsubasa blog is just too cute I love her so much ^_____^

  7. Oh Tsubasa's blog is so pretty & cute!

    hahahaha i didn't know Kyari ! i love the video x) i did that one time with my sister loool it's stupid but always funny to do !


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