Friday, January 28, 2011

yeah!! iphone!

hello everyone!!

i miss you guys so much

because i have a small break before my next test ( one week break )

i spent more than two hours visiting and reading blogs!


hehehehe. sorry for being such a stalker. wahahahaha


in this post...

i just want to shout out LOUD that...

my mama got for me an IPHONE!! 

( i know it's a little late/slow but..)

i'm super elated!! hehehehe


 i really like the iphone's camera!

because it has internal camera ( don't know the exact name but it faces you! so you can cam-whore more efficiently) hehehehe

not only that, it's external camera is able to take really clear images!

my coloured skull model

good for reference esp when i have anatomy test.
(see my cranial foramina~)

the dragon ball milk tea store that i've tried today!
*coloured pearls~*

the dress that i've bought today
( i changed to them almost immediately wahaha )

the quality and colour is comparable to a digital camera! <3

i love the external camera!

and as you all know, i love taking photograph of all the delicious food i had~

 the photoss turned out great!


my dinner
steak steak at republic of steak <3

hehehe the smiley my dear drawn on his cutlet

see how clear the photo is~ <3



and even though i love my external camera...

i love my internal camera more!!

cause i would be able to camwhore~~

me, without eye makeup..

going to school for test hehehe
( so ready to go shopping after that )

me, with eye makeup~
and after shopping at bugis~!

<3 my new dress

( the photographs taken by the internal camera is not as high quality as the ones taken by the external camera but it's nice still - i think hahaha)


there are soooo many apps in iphone to make your photographs look sooo much cuter!

my favourite : INSTAGRAM~

7th month TOFU~

in conclusion~

i love my iphone!!

will iphone i will be able to check the comments as and when i like too! <3




  1. I love your dress, but I'm super jealous of your Iphone!!! Haha, man I wish I had one.

    But right now, I realized how hungry I am looking at that dessert... someone finished my tub of chocolate ice cream TT.TT

  2. yay for iphone! i love the vintage camera app. man, all the food pix are making me hungry...

  3. hey, i like ur dress!
    though i can't see much of it from the photo above :P
    may i know where did u buy it and how much did it cost?
    i love white dresses!

  4. gloria:

    hurhurhurhur! but at least it saved a few calories!

    yaaa the effects are just tooo beautiful! <3

    anonymous :
    thank you!
    15dollars at bugis street. isabelle's closet <3

  5. aww so cute pics~~ i love that white dress!! *-*

  6. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! iina~!! You lucky girl!!
    and the pictures look so good with the camera and thank you for making me hungry... =.= buuuu~!!
    Love the dress you bought!! Don't blame you for changing instantly!! you're such a cutie!! *hugs*


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