Sunday, February 27, 2011

After Exams = SHOPPING

hello guys!

EXAMS have finally ended!!

So being deprived for soooo long!
the monster in me has finally been set free....

to go.....


went to my favourite shopping paradise BUGIS STREET~

bought a lot of clothes! 
O.O spent a lot of money!! >.<

i wanted to show u all everything that i've bought..
but some were TOO SMALL for me..
so i need to go back and exchange some day...
(grrrr.. fatter =.=)

but i will showing you my FAVOURITE BUYS~

GUESS how much is the whole outfit?


how much? 


this holey big shirt is...
$10!! hehe

super cheap right?
and it's so cute!

and my pants is $15 only! <3

the whole outfit is only SGD$25!
how many of you guessed it correctly? 

introducing my next favourite BUY~

featuring MODEL KELLY~

my new spects!

popped out the frame as usual

last time was $5.80 @ bugis street right...

guess how much is this one?

this one is...


from DAISO!
and i love it alot!
super super cute!!

*same spects as the one with the first outfit*

last but not least...
i want to show pictures of my nails! hehehe

CURRENTLY my left hand

CURRENTLY my right foot

CURRENTLY my right hand.

hahaha. i know.
super weird combination right?
but i couldn't help it..
i just want to paint whatever i can think of on my nails. heheheeeeeee

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