Thursday, February 10, 2011

first attempt with nude lips and PHOTOSHOP-ed photo!!

hello everyone!!

hehehehe.. random post about my first attempt with nude lips!

if you noticed, i normally don't put lip stick or sometimes i put pink lipgloss..
cause i like pinkish tone on my lips (look healthier?) hahaha

but after being intoxicated by tsubasa-sama's cute nude lips, i've decided to try them out myself! hehehe


is this considered nude lips btw?

looks kinda pink to me though hehehe


if you are wondering why am i covering my eyes...

because i removed eye make up on my other eye!

( it's kinda impromptu to try nude lips hehehe )

tada!! seeee!!
it's so sudden that i didn't even remove my lower eyelash though. wahahhaha


for those who are reading my tweets, u should know that i was super hyped up to photoshop my photos after seeing beautiful photoshopped photos on some blogs.. hehehehe

but the results weren't that good 

( - _-) *emo*

i need more than photoshop...

but nevertheless~~

i shall present you with PHOTOSHOPPED KELLY~

looks kinda mutated though. hahahaha
somehow looks like chun li of street fighter to me.
=.= must be the hair.

and my original again
okay fine. looking at the photoshopped and then the original, makes me shout 
" EEEY.. why LIDAAT??" (T.T)

>.< i soooo going to put mask everyday until i get the photoshopped-skin!

things that i've changed:
  • - the brightness of my iris
  • -soften my skin ( off off imperfection~)
  • - enlarged my eyes
  • - made my face smaller
  • - eliminated my double chin
  • - smaller nose
  • - neater brows
  • added blusher
  • - adjusted the colours of the picture
  • - i even added my own eyeshadow colour! PINK~

and to join in the fun,
my artistic friend ★peiting★ photoshopped this for me!!

super super nice!!
i love the colours!!
soooo pretty!!

omg real work of an artist !! <3333
omg omg!! i like!! 

i like!! (sorry i have to repeat myself!)

and you can find more of peiting's talent at her blog worxxx!

should i photoshop my photographs?
should i put nude lip more often?

questions at the bottom reminds me of onlinebunny and melody! <3

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cheap cheap! =D

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