Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Japan Trip ( i need your suggestion!! )

hello everyone!!

i'm going for a two weeks trip to japan during march.

going to tokyo, nagoya, fukuoka and osaka!!

i need suggestion to where i can shop and see special and interesting stuff! ^^

opening to suggestions! PLEASE HELP ME~

* PS : i'm not going to visit popteen this time =.= *


  1. In Omotesando station, at the Harajuku exit side, there was a place called Suri Suri Curry that I liked to get dinner at from time to time. :D It's kind of expensive, but I thought it tasted great!

    If you haven't been to Shimokitazawa, but are into interesting handmade/vintage/second-hand clothing, then it's a good place to explore! There was also a waffle cafe last time I was there, near a WEGO. And Koenji is great, too. Village Vanguard shops are in both of these areas, and they have lots of toys/CDs/unique magazines and books and other random things. :D

    I can't wait to read your posts while you're there!

  2. You should go to Closet Child, they sell used lolita clothing (cheaper than the stores haha) c:

  3. I'm so happy for you!! Be sure to take lots of photos! ^__^ There's one cool place you might want to shop. It's called Shimamura, and it has a lot of gal clothes for cheap! I found out about it through this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SacqQ4YVeqY

    You better take heaps of pics okay!!! <3

  5. You're going to Fukuokaaaaaaaa!! That's my home town!! If you need any help (or trouble) in fukuoka let me know because my sister is there!
    For all your shopping needs, go to Tenjin! And if you want really cute clothes than go to Core. You can get all the cute clothes there!! And also do check out the underground shops because you can get nice shoes and bags there. There is even a Samantha Thavata there!! If you want cosmetics, than Loft, which is also in Tenjin. You can get EVERYTHING in Tenjin!
    Do hope you enjoy your self dear <3

  6. LOL at ur PS did too many people ask xD
    And :O!! Good for you, I wanna go to Japan again too QQ
    I dunno where you can go though cus I kinda suck LOL =.=
    there's a robot museum in nagoya tho, i think..
    nd the castle whatever blabla lolol x)

  7. be sure to eat the miso katsu at 矢場とん (http://www.yabaton.com/) when u go nagoya. it's really good!!! (^-^)b


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