Monday, February 14, 2011

Onegai everyone! please help me vote!!

Hello everyone!!
i participated in the bihada beauty queen competition because i'm really thrilled about their prizes!
they will be giving out full range of BIHADA PRODUCTS!!

please vote for me here!

oh!! they will be sending one piece of bihada mask when u signed up for the contest!

thank you! i love you!

Happy Valentines' day everyone! <3333

Do you receive a lot of chocolates? ^u<
*waku waku*

but i'm so sleepy right now as i stayed to do my Vday present and also to mug >.<

this is a random post though.
two days ago i went out with my dear dear~~~
i've been deprived from going out due to exams >.<

and orchard was super empty!
i don't know why.

usually we have to queue for sushi tei but that day we just walked in and were given a big table! ^u^

the fingers were there for a reason!!


cover my PIMPLE! >.<

tada!! =.=
i got a new one popping out soon..
i can sense it COMING >.

must be due to the irregular sleeping time =(

sad things aside...
i shall spam u with food we ordered at the empty sushi tei! <3

onsen tamago!

my favourite sashimi salad with sesame sauce 

*where's my egg dippin sauce?*

his toro don

had a super super full dinner!
kelly is a happy girl!!

and i think because it's really empty that day.
the waiters are really bubbly and energetic. hahaha
one of them SPINNED from our table to another..

and he shouted , " WATER WATER WHERE ARE YOU~~?" 
in a chirpy voice! wahaha

so cute lo! hurhurhur

my make of the day!

i uses the lashes that ranzuki magazine has gave
i had it since last year but i couldn't bare to use them!
cause they look so pretty!

and it is really pretty!
love it!

close up!

*hearts* my pink lens

next post will be about VALENTINE DAY!!

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