Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things i want to buy from JAPAN!

hello girls!

i'm soooo excited when i plan to do this post!


sooo here's a list of things that i wanna get from japan!!

diamond lash GORGEOUS~
this is my favourite eyelash from diamond lash so far.
so i must stock up since i don't know when i will be able to go japan again
*look at next year academic schedule*

diamond lash NUDY~
i love this bottom eyelash! super cute!
i'm only left with two pairs now..
>.< have to stock up!

diamond lash ANGEL
heard from other bloggers that the effect is really nice!

sweet eye
loook so cute

close up: 

natural eye
doesn't really look natural to me. but i want to try them!

beauty eye!
looks very nice!!
love the stalks!
looks like the thicker version of gorgeous..

feminine eyes
saw a lot of models using this!
can't wait to try them on!

model eyes
tried this before! super cute!
i want to stock up more.
it's way cheaper to buy there than from style gallery tokyo (  =.=)
i bought mine at S$25.90 GRRRRRRR >.<

celeb eyes!
highly raved!!
i wanted to buy it but it was oos from style gallery last time =(

rich eyes!
well liked by many japanese bloggers too!

cute eyes!
i want to buy this..
the model is cute!
hahahaha. maria~ <3

finished with diamond lashes series!
10 different types! 

and next
i probably get a 5 of these EACH to stock up.
cheaper there ( and in my spree ) than other online stores.. >.<

i wanna try~~

from mai mai!
looks very nice!!

heard a lot about this!
can't wait to try!

tried this before. really nice!!
i bought from style gallery tokyo.. (=.=) ex ex
must STOCK UP!!

will have to try this as well! hehehehehe



heard so much about them. but i couldn't find them in any online store!
i miss them soooo much!!

dozen of this as well.
i don't get why it's so expensive in singapore.
like three times the price there.

good coverage!

super smudge-free! 

i wanna get this for sooo long!!
both of them!


don't have to elaborate on this bronzer right?
i'm sure you have seen this appearing in popteen ranking a lot of times

and this!

and this!

and my concealor

wanna try new concealor from cezanne!

and their blusher. 
tried before. super sweet colour with glitter. 
lasting! <3

and this!
mizukitty uses it!
hahahah. i can't find this in singapore. only the newer version. grrr

rice lotion.
has got nano molecules to moisturise your skin!
sounds amazing right? >.<

hehehe i love this one!!

i know this is freaking expensive for a pair of socks!
but it's really helps in my case!
and my current one has got HOLES >.<
so i need to buy a new one

kigurumi! <3
hehehe always wanted to have one

and uniform


and this!!

ermmmm.. what else ah? >.<
i want to buy koh ramen instant pack back!

*looking at my lashes*
i think my mother will nag at me again (=.=)

" you only have one pair of eyes! do you need so many eyelashes?"



anything i should get from japan and i missed?
anything to recommend?

*gosh, it became a habit for me to ask qns at the end of the my post >.< *

thank you guys for all your mails!
join my spree if you wanna get anything!

PS: i'm not SCAM!

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