Monday, February 14, 2011


happy valentines day!!!

it's a busy busy day!! 
but i had tons of fun and loves! hehehehe

well, the first picture is actually the last part of my busy day!


the night before,
i stayed up to do chocolates! 

bread crumbs, chocolates and decorative stuff!

cut the chocolate into small pieces and microwave them!

need to stir every 20minutes as chocolate burns really easy!

* i burnt my chocolate twice.. had to redo =( *

pour in the bread crumbs into the bowl of melted chocolate <3

add more x more x more bread crumbs and stir~~

put a baking sheet below and mold them into the shape you want!
you can draw lines on the underside of the baking sheet =D

because i don't like the rough surface of it. 
i melted a little more chocolate and coated it on top.

and then decorated it! hehehe

and put it in the fridge to refrigerate it~

packaged it up the next day~
>.< my m&m is losing it's colour >.<

close the box!

and study study study

and slept at 6am >.<

then the next day...


O.O wow

sorry about my swollen eyes.
lack of sleep >.<

and one thing i like about this mask is that..
there's ear hooks! <3

which enables me to continue studying/reading/blogging/reading blogs while putting mask!

and after that,
it's shower time and make up time!!

had my eye make a little bit thicker today as my boyfriend prefers dark dark eyes =D
(while i prefer lighter one)
but but... >.< 
>.< i want him to like my makeup! >.< hehehehe
so dark dark it will beee~~

i spammed it with DARK PURPLE EYESHADOW
kinda weird >.<

must take more lively photos then will look like me

and and! i plaited my own hair! hehehe

after that i changed to ponytails since he prefers it!

today is valentines day..
his wish is my command =D

then meet up with dear dear!

got my present in the car!

and we went to republic of steak to have dinner~

gave him the present <3

aurggh my double chin.

my angus steak~

my present =D

loving it!

O.O i think i need to sleeeeeep soon! >.<

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