Sunday, March 6, 2011

GEO princess MIMI aka BAMBI eyes review

Hello everyone!

it had been really long since i've made a decent post.

today will be a review on princess mimi aka bambi eyes lens!

i got mine from


free lens case from eyecandylens as well~ =D

here's a closeup of the len

more photographs~

under normal lighting~
(.>.<) my flat hair~!

side view~
i love the design!
the big black ring with brown rings of different gradients within them 

it looks a little reddish under flash.
which i find it quite weird.
but still, it's very pretty~ hehehehe

and regarding their enlargement....

see the difference~!

one with and one without.
don't ask me whether it's my right or the photo's right...
cause it's damn obvious.

Comfort wise : It gets really dry after 4-5hours of wearing them. 

  so... will i buy the same design next time?
erm.. nope but probably their seasame grey?
but i really want their green!
but it doesn't come with degree... 
grrrrr >.<

but.. i will definitely purchase lens from eyecandylens!
It took less than a week to reach Singapore =D
I bothered Chloe so many times on whether it will arrive before my Japan trip but she patiently replied them all. 
( you know how annoying is it when somebody asks you the same question again and again~ >.< )

yeah~ i can bring their lens to JAPAN and be a tsubasa-wannabe~~

*PS: this is not sponsored worx.. i paid for it ~ *

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