Monday, March 7, 2011

inside my makeup pouch

hello guys!!

while you're reading this post...

i'm already on the plane going to...



so for the flight..
i packed my makeup light ( since i will be bringing a lot of makeup there) ..

and i always do makeup on the plane.. hahaaha

so that when i alight, i don't look nub/geek/nerd/ugly in japan.


my makeup bag

a random bb cream that i took.
cause i'm going to buy CEZANNE bb cream there~ hehehe

my maybelline mineral foundation that i've just bought.
because i know it will be more expensive in japan.

melliesh highlight
yes, i've got more than one highlight so i just randomly get this awesomely cute light marshmallow pink highlight and leave some of my not-my-favourite-currently ones for my sis to use...
>.< shhhhhhh

muji blusher

my RMK blusher
( i'm not going anywhere without you~~~~)

paul and joe's eyeshadow

my favourite eyeshadow palette currently~

brought her friend along too =D

kiss me eyeliner

dollywink brown eyeliner pencil

za concealer

canmake concealor

my eyebrow and nose contour from kate

my glue and important important tweezer~

my double eyelid stickersssss

glittery glittery pencil from majolica

glitters from etude

my eyelash box~ 
seeeee~ soo many empty slots!
hurhurhur.. i'm going to fill them all!!

dior lip polish and lip gloss...

O.O oh did i mention that i'm packing light?
looks a lot yea?

>.< but i didn't bring my sephora bronzer (because my sis needs it) , my canmake highlight (because i'm going to buy a new one), my dior luminator (cause it's quite bulky) etc etc...

aurggghhh!! i need my whole makeup desk~
i feel so insecure without them...
like " what if i need this? what if i really wants to use this? "

(after typing that, i went back and took my mac lipstick (coral - i might want to use them ) , dior lipstick ( awww the pink is so sweet ), my canmake cheek powder ( i might need that if i want a dolly look ) and my finishing powder )


 stay tune for my japan post in a few hours time!

ja ne~

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