Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Japan day 02

Konbanwa minna!! :)))

I'm back at my hotel already! Hehe

Today is a very fulfilling day!!

We went to crazy about jane!
A shop that ive always wanted to go because there's alot of cheap clothes and stuff!!


We bought a lot of clothes ( especially my boyfriend ) hahaha

My hair when it's not curled haha.
So flat. My hair is too straight!

What I wore today hehe

The train ride is about an hour from
Shinjuku.. Far...
But worth the trip, my dear dear said hahah
CAuse he bought alot of tops there!! Haha

I bought quite a sum of stuff too hehehe

♪(v^_^)v really cheap!!

My new uggs!

Guess how much is my new uggs/boots?


♪(´ε` )


( ̄▽ ̄)

It's just... 200 yen!!

Super cheap right!

Hehehe I will share with u guys what I've bought when I come back!!

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