Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Japan day 1 - haircut

Hello everyone!

sorry that it took like weeks for me to update on my Japan trip.
browsing through all the photos...
and i realised that we took very few pictures!

i guess..
when you're busy shopping around, you won't take so many photos. 

sorry guys!
but with my limited amount of photographs, i will try to update as detailed as possible =D

 my breakfast on the plane~
the potatoes and omelette is *hearts* 

so pretty!

after our tiring 7 hours flight.
and we didn't get to sleep much! O.O
arrived in narita at about 10am..

after that we headed out to shinjuku to have our hair done!
cause we wanna look pretty and handsome during our trip in JAPAN~!

i love this saloon as the hairdressers they are really friendly.
i'm absolutely pleased with their haircut every single time!


with my hair dye cap~
btw, the legs infront are not mine! it belongs to another customer sitting across me! hahaha

and my AFTER~

my boyfriend cuts his hair too!
he wanted to try the JAPANESE haircut. haha

and my dear's first haircut in japan look dashing as well. hahaha


before he cut, i seriously wonder how will his haircut looks like.
since his original length is really short.

but it turned out great! hehe

and here's my haircut plus hair colouring~
about 7000yen.
it's freaking cheap! <3
because i got discount card! hehe

have to cover another eyes as my lower eyelash DROPPED without me realising it. 

but love the curls!
i suck at curling up my hair =.=

after my haircut, we ran down to KO's ramen as we are freaking hungry!
had no breakfast! >.<

KO's RAMEN! <3

have been craving for my KO's ramen! <3

his tantan men~

the noodles~~
looks like chinese yellow noodles but it's a lot more springy~

haha. are you hungry?

went to shop around shinjuku after having our ramen~

we took some purikura~
and look what comes with them!

a cute box containing..

pink cotton buds!

floral plaster

and heart shaped cotton wool~
soooo cute!

after the shinjuku shopping, we were so tired (due to the lack of sleep) we went back to SLEEP like a pig~

and therefore, i shall end my day01 report with some snapshots of shinjuku~

hahah i took this because she dressed super weird. haha

 i can spend HOURS in such a pharmacy store. haha

will continue to update!
stay tune!

awww i love my curls...
-.- but i really don't know how to curl my hair..
so now..
my hair is straight and boring..
but it looks alot more smoother. heheh

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