Thursday, March 24, 2011

new lashes : Eyemazing001 + cute eye from diamond lash!

hello everyone!!

recently i tried using new lashes! hehe

i bought cute eye in japan as i saw a lot of people from my spree ordered them!!

so as kiasu ( afraid to lose ) singaporean...

i bought a box for myself too! hehehe..

upper lash : eyemazing 001 
lower lash : cutie lashes

close up of cute eyes~

hehehe. actually i wouldn't dare to put on this kind of lashes as they do not look very natural.
but got so tempted after seeing so many of you buying..
so i bought one to try!

and i'm glad i did! =D

close up on the eye 

it doesn't look as weird as i thought it would be..
rather.. it's quite natural...

but it's a little more voluminous than the usual ones i've used.

and does CUTE eye makes me look CUTER?
>.< heheheheheheheh

i cut the lashes up into smaller parts so that it's easier to put them on.
i would recommend you guys to do it too!

it's quite hard to put on the whole stalk as the plastic stalk is quite hard to bend

hehehe i'm kinda addicted to taking photo from ABOVE
i will appear to have BIG HEAD with SMALLER BODY~

just to end off with the beautifully edited photo of mine~
actually i didn't do much... (not that pro)
i just selected one of the pre-adjusted photo settings. hehehe.
but i like the effects~! <3

and thank everyone who have ordered cute eyes!

and for those who have ordered,
meet up will be this saturday 26-3-2011
at somerset 313!
details will be sent to your email!
please check! <3

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