Friday, March 18, 2011


Hello everyone!

I'm going to post about my japan photos soon.

Need time to sort them up...
but unfortunately, we took very few photos this time round...

well.. anyways!

today i went out with my friends~~

to go to NEX to support Michiyo as she's working in mmk as a maid. 

my lava cake.
hehehehe. so many hearts..
>.< even though i dun like strawberries

super cute right?
my friend's plate.. hahaha

in the middle BRENDA and PEITING~

i'm not the kind of BAD person who always do nice "HEN GAO- weird faces" when others do really really HEN HEN gao (weird weird faces)~
but because i thought they were going to stick out the tongue... =(
so sad..
i lost..

but brenda u've won!

(well.. hehehe.. for me, if i were to do hen-gao, it has got to be the best hen-gao.. if not, i will feel like i've lost... hahahaha.... that's my rule... act cute during hen gao time is absolutely DESPISED )

with brenda prettie~

hahahaha. my artist peiting

after hogging in the cafe, playing and joking around...

we left 

which is about 2 hours later.. 

i need more moe-chuuunyuu~~
i wanna go back to maid cafe!! >.<
i miss my mai-dreaming!

oops! shan't reveal so much! please wait for my akibahara's post!


at the sunny sky garden

a very beautiful photo of the beauties~ wahahahaha
*saturation edited by peiting*

look at my furry bag and boots!
i bet peiting and brenda want to steal them.. wahahahah

trying to open our eyes when the sun is so strong..
didn't know shi hang was opening HIS as big.. hahahahah

>.< the sun~~

after that, we met up with my boyfriend and headed towards BUGIS~

but we went for dinner while they went crazy shopping at bugis street. hehehe

we had our dinner at nandos

my delicious looking chicken~
which is indeed delicious..

craving for iced tea..
we went to TCC 

and we seriously waited about 20minutes for our drinks... O.O

but nevertheless, we made full use of the time to 



SEE! my dear can wink like me!

and finally...

our drinks!!

my passionfruit tea with ice cream <3

lava cake, yet again. hahaa

then we went home!!

and as promised!!

here's my liz lisa top!

supposed to be off shoulders.. hehehe

the shop assistant told me that is can be sideways too =D

my legs got so many bruises but i seriously don't remember how i got them =(

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