Monday, March 14, 2011

scheduled to return to singapore earlier

PS : please note that i bought ninja meshi already~~! yeah! there's one store in nagoya that sells it. >.<
but there's no more blueberry!! for the 3 orders of blueberry, please choose between plum , peach or grape. thanks thanks!

hi everyone!

as you all know...

japan is in a very dangerous state right now...

i'm currently at nagoya, a distance away from tokyo.

further from the epicenter.

as my parents are really worried about the next earthquake that is predicted to strike japan in the next three days...

i have to reshedule and return to Singapore earlier than scheduled. (22/3)

I'm sorry i couldn't finish buying all the goods.

as promised, i will return a full refund.

here are some items that i couldn't find yet :

1) all ninja meshi
2) some blue tray diamond lashes eg celeb , sexy. (some only)
3) items from thank you mart.

items like dollywink, candydoll, melliesh, diamond lash pink and purple trays , cocolulu , liz lisa , eyemazing lashes , canmake , bibo and eyedrops... i've already gotten them..

will email you guys once i've settled in Singapore.

So sorry about that but i hope you understand.

thank you all for your concern and care over the past few days.

your kelly is safe and happy.
just a little broke.
spent too much money changing hotels and paying for shinkansen. >.<
i need a job when i come back!

while typing this, niigata just experienced a strong earthquake.
watching news in japan everyday always makes me feel really sad.

Every "tomorrow" is a question mark..
but i will be back in Singapore on 17th! =D
safe and healthy! =D

so everyone...

Please pray for japan!

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