Monday, March 21, 2011

Thank you Eternity Inter-Trade (Singapore)!

hello everyone!!

i'm a happy girl!

a few days ago i received fantastic prizes from Eternity Inter-Trade Singapore

cause i've participated in their facebook competition 


to my delightful surprise~

i won!! 

I'm a Bihada queen~!

side note : mimi got the most voted contestant worxx! =D congrats

soooooooo anyways...

i've received them!!

thank you soo much!

what's inside? hehehehehe



bihada ichizoku~! <3
they gave me a sample of ichikami shampoo and conditioner too!
and btw i've been using ichikami's hair treatment in japan and it makes my hair sooo smooth! <3

well i did try a few of their products that day..

their blusher!
the pigmentation of the blush is way above what i've expected.
with a single blush, the colour could be seen vividly!
*so be careful when u use them, add little by little*

but the colour are really lovely!
it brightens up the face~!

more photos~!

rosy cheeks~ hehehehehe..
and it's very pink~!

"smooth texture face powder with pearl to give your skin that natural and luminous finish" 
as quoted on the package =D

the next thing that i've tried is...

their lipgloss!!

i'm so glad that it's of a lovely tint of pink~!
it's the most convenient colour to use~

and their brush is harder than others..
which makes it easily to smoothen out the lipgloss to give a glossy look, i guess =D

retarded look though.

but see how much smoother they made my lips~

had been suffering from dry chapped lips in japan~
so this came in the right time!

and the most astonishing thing is that..
when i removed the lip gloss, my lips feels very smooth and soft ! <3
i think it has got nourishing effects on them.

*checking the package*
yes yes.. to double affirm..
it is written : " contains macadamia seed oil and tocopherol to help to rejuvenate the skin on the lips with moisture"

thank you bihada!! <3333

you will be expecting me to use that very often now =D

next one that i've tried is their GLOSS~

which to as expected " VERY GLOSSY AND NICE TOO"

their special stick brush

before using it i was wondering why should i apply another coating of gloss when the lip gloss they have given me is glossy enough?
*lazy girl's thinking...*


and when i apply them...




like those watery lips in other lip gloss advertisements~!

i always thought those are photoshopped! hahah

love it!! <3


don't you feel like kissing me~

and also~~
i've received facial products from them!

my bihada masks~
omg omg! 
i'm sooo happy!!

their facial cleansing products

their exfoliating gel that has been ranked no.1 in girlswalker <3

and this cream wash that cleans deep into pores~
also ranked no1!
for 5 consecutive weeks!

that's all!
thank you bihada ichizoku for the presents!!

cute? hurhurhur

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