Saturday, April 30, 2011

[DAY 03] IN SHIBUYA shopping n akiba maid cafe~!

hello everyone!!

i'm going to blog about my japan trip again!!

yes!! aren't u excited?

(personal shoutout to my classmate : yes, chichi <3 i'm blogging about japan trip now~ no more dolly dolly le~ hehehe)


on the third day of our crazy trip we went to 




my nerdy look~

*hearts my bow tie*

and off we go to SHIBUYA~
the shopping paradise~!

looking for food for hungry pigs in shibuya station's department store
yes~ see the egg yolk~ <3

my dear's bite hehehe
but no yolk seen yet!!
(which i wanted to capture to badly)

and before i know it, he finished it. wahaha

and mine~
yummilicious! <3

first we headed off to 109 mens!
my dear LOVES LOVES LOVES shopping there! hahahaha

so after he shopped, I WE headed straight to 109~ 
which is my paradise!!

my hauls from SBY~
a staggering number of 68 DIAMOND LASHES!!

hehehe just kidding~
those were for the sprees~

and the super super pretty SBY salegirls were rather shocked to see me buying soooo many boxes.
i instantly became a SBY STAR cause everyone was looking at my basket.. hehehe

well, i lied to her that those are for my personal use~
and she O.O okanemochi??


*sooo happy*

and after shopping, we sat down for lunch at this DON restaurant~
was attracted by the SMELL~
seriously~ the fragrance was three times stronger than my chloe perfume.

and they looks yummy too!!
and i guarantee u!! it's really very very nice!!

my lemon and salt don~ <3
super super delicious!!

i could still feel it in my mouth~!

i'm HUNGRY!!!

and and i wanna show u~~~~

our hauls~~

i think it was ingini, SBY , liz lisa and ingini's sister brand.

LDS and some mens' brands~
* shhhhhh.. they cost a BOMB*

and after we are re-energised~~
we headed off to carry MORE STUFF BACK!



sorry! i forgot to take photos!

but after donki,
see that two big yellow bags of cosmetics?

it's 1000USD worth of cosmetics k.
the cashiers were like " o.O i could have bought a new phone or camera with it"

but i swear most of them were for the spree-ers!!
*pointing fingers*

and we camwhored a little on train

i'm so rich with 2000usd worthed of cosmetics~

we are sooo tired~

with sooo many bags, we headed back to hotel...

this is what that could not fit into our luggage.. O.O

and after that, i changed my BAG!!

to this LDS mickey minnie bag!! super cute right?
it's a present from my dear dear!


after that,


as you all know, my dear and i were very very crazy fans of maid cafe!

sooooo even though it's late, we still headed down... 
hoping that we could at least visit on cafe. hehe

and because it's late...
it's freaking cold!!
not a temperature the SINGAPORE-GIRL is used to...

my legs were like ice cold!!
cause i'm wearing tights only!! >.<

freezing but still very picky..
we chose PINAFUOA 3~

cause the poster is sooo pinky-cute!


i love maid cafe~!

heheheheheheh.. while waiting for my food~
and i seriously want to work in a japanese maid cafe!

my shake~
there's a little alcohol inside to keep me warm warm <3

dear dear's choco ice

fuwa fuwa pancake

omu rice!
sooo cute right?
i love the neko!! hehehe
and its paws~

in conclusion~~

i love maid cafe~!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

dollywink 02 - purely camwhoring =D

hello everyone!!

hehehe i'm really glad that so many of you all commented on my first makeover!

you can read some more about the makeover from their point of view! <3

i'm really glad they liked the makeover hehehee.

and as the blog title says~~~

today i will just post up some of the camwhore photos i took with my dollywink 02.
it was a present from one of my friends =D hehehe

yes i know.. my iphone cover is damn cute! >.<

it's more furry/thinner/wispy/straight ( i don't know if the word to describe them) ~

as you might have noticed~ (i'm sure you do! hahaha)

i love wearing STALKY lashes...
it's more dramatic and my eyes look bigger with them.

and dollywink 02 is THE LASH that i will use if i want to tone down a little =D 

eyemazing 01

*jewerich 01*

and i actually stack the two together (dollywink02+jewerich01) before! hehehe

but i think the difference is...
it's just more voluminous when both are stacked together.


so which one do you prefer?
furry ones ? stalky ones? or stalk them all up together? 


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Makeover!

hello everyone!!

sorry i'm not following the sequence!

hehehe. i'm just purely choosing what is easier to blog about!


sooooo last Saturday was my FIRST makeover session with Mitsuki and Yumiko!

and i had a great time with them!!

They are so lovable and cute! enjoyed crapping with them a lot! hehehe. i hope they don't mind me being tooooo noisy! hehehe

So here's the without makeup photos of the two lovelies~!

this is mitsuki~

and Yumiko~
sooooo, let's start the makeover~!

so first, they start to pour out whatever makeup they've got!

and my makeup box!
<3 bought it the day before~! kya~ so sweet right? hehehehe

i seriously need to do something about my double chin. heheh
*see my swift hand movement hehehehe*

hehe i didn't know my hair was soooo messy until now hahah

felicia showing me some tips of hers~
yes~ makeover is a TWO WAY THING! i learn from you and you learn from me~
share share~ <3

and lashes~~ yes~! the most important thing!!
curl the lashes~~~~

and tada~!
nice nice? =DDDDD

what do you think?

and next is sher hui~

trying to make double eyelid for her using double eyelid glue...
but i DON'T KNOW HOW TO!!!

i've decided to DRAW double eyelid for her~! <3

*staring at me, giving me the "seriously, what is she trying to do? poking my eyes and drawing my eyelids..." stare* hahahahahhaha

and soon....


isn't she cute?

hehehe she even brought her own wig for the makeover!
so prepared! <3 hehehe

hehehe i drawn those eyelids~
hehehehe so natural right?

but actually she has a very shallow fold originally if you were to look carefully.
*scroll up please*

and Mitsuki requested for a more ROCKER hairstyle~ hehehe

thank you Yumiko and Mitsuki!!
i enjoyed our session very much!

i hope you guys love it too!!

and you can read more about them at their blog!

============ random =========

while teaching them how to camwhore with my camera~
i couldn't bear but to take a camwhore pic of myself~


and my outfit of that day~

kya~~ can't wait till my next makeover session~~~~
i hope there will still be people interested in it...

to participate LIKE my facebook page~!
i will inform you all for days available through there!


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