Thursday, April 28, 2011

dollywink 02 - purely camwhoring =D

hello everyone!!

hehehe i'm really glad that so many of you all commented on my first makeover!

you can read some more about the makeover from their point of view! <3

i'm really glad they liked the makeover hehehee.

and as the blog title says~~~

today i will just post up some of the camwhore photos i took with my dollywink 02.
it was a present from one of my friends =D hehehe

yes i know.. my iphone cover is damn cute! >.<

it's more furry/thinner/wispy/straight ( i don't know if the word to describe them) ~

as you might have noticed~ (i'm sure you do! hahaha)

i love wearing STALKY lashes...
it's more dramatic and my eyes look bigger with them.

and dollywink 02 is THE LASH that i will use if i want to tone down a little =D 

eyemazing 01

*jewerich 01*

and i actually stack the two together (dollywink02+jewerich01) before! hehehe

but i think the difference is...
it's just more voluminous when both are stacked together.


so which one do you prefer?
furry ones ? stalky ones? or stalk them all up together? 


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