Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Makeover!

hello everyone!!

sorry i'm not following the sequence!

hehehe. i'm just purely choosing what is easier to blog about!


sooooo last Saturday was my FIRST makeover session with Mitsuki and Yumiko!

and i had a great time with them!!

They are so lovable and cute! enjoyed crapping with them a lot! hehehe. i hope they don't mind me being tooooo noisy! hehehe

So here's the without makeup photos of the two lovelies~!

this is mitsuki~

and Yumiko~
sooooo, let's start the makeover~!

so first, they start to pour out whatever makeup they've got!

and my makeup box!
<3 bought it the day before~! kya~ so sweet right? hehehehe

i seriously need to do something about my double chin. heheh
*see my swift hand movement hehehehe*

hehe i didn't know my hair was soooo messy until now hahah

felicia showing me some tips of hers~
yes~ makeover is a TWO WAY THING! i learn from you and you learn from me~
share share~ <3

and lashes~~ yes~! the most important thing!!
curl the lashes~~~~

and tada~!
nice nice? =DDDDD

what do you think?

and next is sher hui~

trying to make double eyelid for her using double eyelid glue...
but i DON'T KNOW HOW TO!!!

i've decided to DRAW double eyelid for her~! <3

*staring at me, giving me the "seriously, what is she trying to do? poking my eyes and drawing my eyelids..." stare* hahahahahhaha

and soon....


isn't she cute?

hehehe she even brought her own wig for the makeover!
so prepared! <3 hehehe

hehehe i drawn those eyelids~
hehehehe so natural right?

but actually she has a very shallow fold originally if you were to look carefully.
*scroll up please*

and Mitsuki requested for a more ROCKER hairstyle~ hehehe

thank you Yumiko and Mitsuki!!
i enjoyed our session very much!

i hope you guys love it too!!

and you can read more about them at their blog!

============ random =========

while teaching them how to camwhore with my camera~
i couldn't bear but to take a camwhore pic of myself~


and my outfit of that day~

kya~~ can't wait till my next makeover session~~~~
i hope there will still be people interested in it...

to participate LIKE my facebook page~!
i will inform you all for days available through there!

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