Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Japan day 2 - i'm crazy about FOOD

hello everyone!!

today i'm going to post about the food i had on the second day of my JAPAN TRIP~

yessss u've got it right!!


so everyone...

please get ur instant cup noodles ready~!
and readers who are on a diet now.... I'M SORRY~~~


since the travelling distance from shinjuku to yamato (where crazy about jane is) is very long, we were famished when we reached there! >.<

furthermore, we alighted on the wrong bus stop >.<

while walking back to crazy about jane ( a long distance back) we decided to stop by at YAMAKATSU to have our lunch~

first to be served up was....

a bowl of sesame seeds!!

the tag says that we have to grind them first and pour the sauce into it.
to make your own sesame dipping sauce~

two types of sauces,
the sweet and the mild spicy


of course, i'm famished so my boyfriend had to do the MAN's JOB hahaha

and tada~! mine!

super super delicious!
with grated yam on top~!

and this is tako with york.
super nice too!
i don't know how to describe but it's super smooth and sweet~

my dear's cutlet~
super soft~
melts in the mouth~!

and the super super super super yummilicious miso soup!
they even have clams in it!

after trying both~~
we have come to the conclusion that...


so if you're there visiting CRAZY about JANE, please pop by this restaurant and try my grated yam katsu! <3

and after shopping at crazy about jane...

we headed off to harajuku for A LITTLE WHILE =,=

yes... a little while...



i never get to return to harajuku again~~
cause we returned 5 days earlier than we planned~!


but nevermind~
i still got my fair bit of shopping~
bought a pair of boots, top , jacket and a box of nails~

and we had hanamaru udon ~
cheap and nice~

awwww look at the onsen tamago~
i love the eggs~

and the crumps~
remember to take a lot of that when u're there!
it's really nice!

are you feeling hungry now?

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