Friday, April 1, 2011

Japan day 2 - i'm "CRAZY ABOUT JANE~"

hello everyone!

today i'm going to blog about CRAZY ABOUT JANE!!

yesss!! i did research prior to my trip and i really want to go this place!

even though it's about an hour and half train ride away from shinjuku!

but it definitely worthed our journey!

Ready to shout CRAZY ABOUT JANE~~

they got a lot of clothes!!
but there are only limited number of gyaru-ish clothes >.<
but it's super cheap~!

they sell shoes too!

this sneaker is 799yen! which is about S$13!!
can you believe it?

and they looks really good quality!

an array of socks too!
all around 100~500yen =D

leg warmers!!
don't enlarge the pictures yet!!
guess how much it cost? =D


hehehe. enlarge it then!

it's just 150yen~!
which is less than the price of two daiso items!

and this cute ear muff which costs...
only 250yen!!

see the paws!! sooo cute!!

kitty pencil that costs 192yen!

the kawaii fluffy makeup pouch that costs 100yen!
cheaper than daiso!

and this donut maker for 1000yen!
i wanted to buy this but.... i think it would be too heavy!

and... we went back to tokyo with a handful of clothes!
=D happy happy!!

and this is the price of my uggs! <3
it's unbelievably cheap!

(some of my purchase...) heheh

this cute top or you can use it as skirt too~

guess how much!

translucent white blouse~

khaki vest. looks kpop-ish right ? =D

my cowgirl skirt <3

soooooooooo.... that's why i'm CRAZY about CRAZY about JANE~

*ps: if you can't REVEAL PRICE, try using IE FIREFOX or chrome! =)

here's a video that shows u more about the crazy little warehouse! <3
featuring my kawaii suzu~ and kanako~~

Point to note:
EVEN THOUGH it's quoted as a MUST GO PLACE for my boyfriend in our next japan trip plan...
let me evaluate~~


  1. it's really cheap! and their clothes are of good quality as well
  2. some of the clothes we see there are sold at a higher price in osaka! >.< (well maybe in tokyo as well)
    for example, my boyfriend bought this shirt at 799yen in crazy about jane but we saw the same shirt selling at 3095yen in OSAKA!
  3. accessories are definitely a BIG PROS to this shop. it's way cheaper there! my manicure set is sold at 100yen there and 599yen in CLAIRES~! and this makes me CHEER whenever i see the manicure set sold somewhere else

  1. it's too far!! you will use up almost a day travelling to and fro.
    definitely not recommended if you're on a short trip!
  2. there are limited gyaru-styled clothes! >.<
    you need to dig!
and the final question is..
will i go there again..?


directions to go there:
1. take ODAKYU odawara line to EBINA
2. Transfer to ODAKYU enoshima line to YAMATO
3. go to bus stop 1 just outside YAMATO station 
4. Alight when u see 「住宅入口」at the bus monitor! remember to press the bell!

i shall end this with my photo. wahaha.
feels kinda weird when there's no camwhore photos in my post. hehe


next on my japan trip blog will be a short post about the DELICIOUS KATSU DON we had near CRAZY about JANE.

sorry i wanted a post just for CRAZY about JANE 

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