Monday, May 30, 2011

Golden-ratio-ed MYSELF hehehee

hello everyone!!

one day i was bored (yes today) 


i googled about golden ratio..


i tried to edit my photos as close to THE GOLDEN RATIO as possible..

<-- before -->

basically my face is wider by 2cm (which i presumed i've already edited by covering the sides with my hair)
the distance b/w my eyes is wider by 0.7cm 
my nose should be narrower by 1cm O.O
and my whole chin should be moved up by 0.5cm

and with a lot of rough estimation...

i got this...

<-- golden ratio-ed --->


sooo.. now.. what i can do...
is drawing my eyes closer together... by 0.7cm..

and chin...
>.< i don't know how to change

here's the golden ratio reference

(this is japanese/asian ratio)
the nose width should be 3.4-3.5

for a face that is 18cm long..
the distance b/w the forehead n eyebrow = 6cm
dist b/w eyebrow n nosetip = 6cm
nosetip n chin = 6cm

width of face = 13-14cm
middle of eye to nosetip = 4.7-4.8cm
dist b/w eye = 3.3cm
width of eyes = 2.9-3.0cm
height of eyes = 1.1cm
chin to the middle of lips = 4cm
middle of lips to nosetip = 2cm
thickness of upper lip = 0.7cm - 0.8cm
thickness of lower lip = 1cm
width of lips = 5.6cm
bottom of lips to chin = 3cm

--------- btw, i measured the golden ratio against my no-makeup face... so the height and width of eyes should be smaller... and... the width of my lips should be wider ----

and it should look more like...

but.. i find that i look kinda weird here..
probably because of the photoshop? >.<

i still prefer my first "golden ratio" =D

Friday, May 27, 2011

My recent hairstyles changes

Hello everyone!


i had two haircuts and coloured my hair once!

sorry for not updating frequently..

thank you for constantly checking my blog!
arigatou much! <3

this is my JAPAN-HAIRCUT that has become longer.

still very nice! <333
thank you kita-san~

*purposely combing my fringe down*
but still loving it..

when for a 
short fringe and more layers =D

this is when i just blow dried my hair. hehehe.

then i dyed n cut my hair at Monso Hair Design Tokyo
and did a treatment too! <3 HEHEHE

streaks of highlights
more ashy now.

more layered! hahahaha

sorry for not updating frequently!

*i'm going to draft for another post now!*

ja ja ja ja ja ne~ <3

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dat 04 : hakone

hello everyone! ^^

so after the quake and a sleepless night, the paranoid kelly bugged my boyfriend to leave tokyo to safer place

 ( because they were speculating that there might be a bigger quake that day as.. that morning there was a 6.3magnitude earthquake and they were unsure if it's a pre-shock of a big earthquake or the aftershock for the previous.. )

so we hurried off to HAKONE one day earlier than scheduled...
a place surrounded by mountains and japanese believed that it's safe there.

because the hakone romance car (express train) has halted their services because of the quake, we need to ask the train master for other routes.

they were really busy answering everyone's questions. 

the queue for the train to hakone.
it was PACKED
but you can see orderly lines of people queuing outside =D

my luggage =D
*my orange hot yuzu drink <3 *

so after a long ride, we finally reached hakone! <3

hakone yuumoto!

checked in at our ryokan.

sooo beautiful!

my fluffly bed

the electric table that will warm your legs..
*i forgot what's that called*

and our private onsen tub.
*because we don't like the idea of going naked into the bath hall.. weird.. at least now we are can wear our swim wear =D *

(well we are not permitted to.. but... but... they didn't know >.<)

and the onsen water is SOOOO HOT and smells a little bitter!
but we felt so relaxed after that!

can nap the whole afternoon!
hungry kids need to EAT!

so we went to the streets to look for restuarants

the place looks kinda dead...

because japanese likes this serene ideal place for a relaxing holiday.


my dear's " NO SHIBUYA NO SHINJUKU " look


after walking up and down the streets, seeing the same group of people walking pass us all the time...

we settled for this chinese restuarant..

must be famous!

as a chinese, i've to say...
this is the MOST CHINESE chinese restuarant in JAPAN!

the ramen tasted just like Singapore's soup noodles...

probably they are famous because of that?

after lunch, we were reluctant to go back to our hotel as there's nothing much to do!
so we continued to walk around the street that we had already walked for at least 3 times. 

finally bought the onsen manjuu

red bean paste inside

there's charcoal manjuu too!
( don't worry.. it's still red bean paste inside..)

and bought our senbei
japanese cracker

it's heart-shaped!

okay, i looked funny here without my brows..

(just posted it up cause i looked soooo happy!)

and we went back to our hotel!
soaked ourselves in our onsen tub for a while..

it's time for DINNER!!

hehehehee.. hungry?

and our breakfast in the morning!!

this is MAD NICE!
onsen tamago!

because we were bored by the place..

the next day, we headed back to tokyo instead!

" finally leaving for tokyo..."

but i'm really glad to come to hakone after the quake..
felt so much calmer after that =D

---- my sis's pre-order is still on!! ---

please support her!


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