Monday, May 16, 2011

after quake

hello everyone.

today i'm going to blog about the tohoku earthquake.

as you all know...

the ground moves 18m per year but the japan quake caused 7m in just 3minutes.

and it even triggered a destructive tsunami. ( about 25 times of my height O.O )
catastrophic loss

emo stuff aside, i shall blog about my earthquake experience.

i returned to my hotel earlier that day as my shoes were killing me.

we were really lucky!
i need to thank the temple for their blessings, my shoes and my caring dear dear who will rather sacrifice his tourist-time to come back to the hotel with me.

if not, we will be stranded in somewhere...
cause the trains were not working...
and many hotels were fully booked.

the temperature that day was VERY COLD!

imagine that!

as a typical singaporean, i've never experienced  earthquake before.
so, i'm pretty thrilled when the earth started shaking...
but the tremors become stronger and stronger everytime...

so we ran out of the hotel.
i thought it was just a normal common type of earthquake that japanese usually experience.
i was wrong.

they were pretty freaked out.
some girls were so scared that they started crying.
one even needs a paper bag to ventilate.

but they are still very orderly.
can you see the crowd gathering infront of the train station?

all the expensive wine bottles fell to the ground. the whole store smelled like RED WINE.

we gathered there and stood clueless fora long time..
because there were still endless aftershocks.

after a while the frequency of aftershocks decreased, so we walked around a little while.

the more we walked into the neighborhood, the more we see and hear..
ambulance sirens, the collapsing signboards..

they tied the signboard because it was shaking!

 the scariest part was...
looking at the news..
watching the tsunami engulfing the whole sendai area.

seriously, the whole incident came so sudden that if it were to hit tokyo, i don't think we will have the time to go to higher grounds.. =.=

after the aftershock seemed to come to a stop, we went for lunch!
cause we were famished.

i know... people said that when you're scared and worried, you won't be able to feel hunger..
but ...
maybe we are different. 

calling our parents to report our safety

 and later that night, we went to mac to get burgers..
it's really OISHII..

and while venturing outside..
we saw..... QUEUES...

orderly LONG LONG queues...
that we will probably only see it when there's FREE GIVEAWAY.. hahaha

it's about 5hours after the quake.
imagine queuing there for soo long and not complaining at all?

i really admire them.
their calmness.
because i was FREAKING OUT at night.
cause the aftershocks come a least 5 times an hour.

i probably experienced a person's average number of quakes in their whole lifetime in just one night.
but miraculously i managed to sleep =D

but i got woken up by a 4.5quake.

then a 5.0 quake.

then a 6.3 quake

and i gave up and stayed up whole night. 


twitter from yui-chan.
" it was a long long night right? really. 
but the sky will brighten up!
Let's start a brand new morning~
The morning that come so naturally to us everyday, even so, it's a grateful and tearing process.
An unforgettable morning, a morning that we should never forget"

the morning, we packed our bags and headed to another town.
a safer town.


sorry to have to leave tokyo when everyone there is working hard to make the day seems as normal as possible.
but we were SCARED.

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