Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 03! in japan!

hello everyone!!

sooo day 3 of my japan is .....

a really packed and exciting post...

so i'm going to separate into two posts...

one - before earthquake
two - during n earthquake

*gosh. i still have a little heart wrenching feeling when i mentioned about earthquake*

well... but...



i shall post about my BEFORE EARTHQUAKE first!

we decided to go to two very important places in tokyo on our third day..

first we went to tsukuji fish market!
it's in my boyfriend's MUST GO LIST..
hahaha. cause he has been craving for good sashimi for a very very long time~

in order to have our very fresh sashimi, we woke up at 5am~

gotta applaud me to have the courage to shower in the very cold morning n doing my makeup~
though my makeup is kinda -.- ruined.. hahahaha

i'm pretty sure it's about 5degrees that day!
well, esp in the morning!!!

so i couldn't help back to blanket myself with layers of clothes..
3 layers!!

and i'm going wear an outer later.. hahahaha

regardless of the freezing weather for the two tropical kids here, WE WERE STILL EXTREMELY EXCITED ABOUT THE GOOOOD FOOD LATER~

sooo.. we arrived at tsukiji

in case you are wondering why my jeans look soooooo tight...
it's because i wore a thick layer of woolen tights and i've a layer of blubber naturally.. wahahahahhahaa 

even the vegetables look super fresh and BIG

biggest carrots i've seen~

happy queuing ~

so basically for the good sushi stores, u got to queue there before queuing in front of the stores

finally got our seats!!
*sorry for my ruined makeup m(_ _)m*

my set~

my OOTORO <333

and the roe doesn't taste fishy or stale at all!
it's pure sweetness!

the super thick and yummy miso soup~
fish bone miso soup

my boyfriend's don~
and the crab LEG is like a ROD.
super thick and SWEET~!

OMG!! i'm craving for crab now!!! >.<
are u?

and after that we headed off to ASAKUSA~~
to sensoji temple!
which is very accurate!
( you can read more about it from my last's year trip )

still very grumpy about my droopy eyelashes =(

my super tare-eyes~ wahahahhaaha
about the artistic white spot... it's a dust on my camera~

but i'm easily cheered up by FOOD~
my warm amazuke~
super nice!!

u want? hehehehe

super happy look~
probably the alcohol kicked in already! wahahha

eating my mochi~

my dear still looks very sleepy hahahha

and after that...
the grumpy kelly rushed into a pharmacy store to get my.....


" FASTER....!"

"WHERE IS IT~~~~?!?"

*kelly's shopping scan mode*
and yes!! i bought it!!
my partial eyelash curler <3

SUPER HAPPY MOOD again~ hehehehe

after that, we headed off to ameyoko~!

but just for a short while as my foot hurts...

but if you're interested...
read my last year's post

and because my foot hurts..
we went back to our hotel earlier...
and soon after...
the earthquake happened...

we were so lucky to be near our hotel during the earthquake..
if not we will be stranded on streets with no where to go =(
thank you sensoji temple!

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