Monday, May 30, 2011

Golden-ratio-ed MYSELF hehehee

hello everyone!!

one day i was bored (yes today) 


i googled about golden ratio..


i tried to edit my photos as close to THE GOLDEN RATIO as possible..

<-- before -->

basically my face is wider by 2cm (which i presumed i've already edited by covering the sides with my hair)
the distance b/w my eyes is wider by 0.7cm 
my nose should be narrower by 1cm O.O
and my whole chin should be moved up by 0.5cm

and with a lot of rough estimation...

i got this...

<-- golden ratio-ed --->


sooo.. now.. what i can do...
is drawing my eyes closer together... by 0.7cm..

and chin...
>.< i don't know how to change

here's the golden ratio reference

(this is japanese/asian ratio)
the nose width should be 3.4-3.5

for a face that is 18cm long..
the distance b/w the forehead n eyebrow = 6cm
dist b/w eyebrow n nosetip = 6cm
nosetip n chin = 6cm

width of face = 13-14cm
middle of eye to nosetip = 4.7-4.8cm
dist b/w eye = 3.3cm
width of eyes = 2.9-3.0cm
height of eyes = 1.1cm
chin to the middle of lips = 4cm
middle of lips to nosetip = 2cm
thickness of upper lip = 0.7cm - 0.8cm
thickness of lower lip = 1cm
width of lips = 5.6cm
bottom of lips to chin = 3cm

--------- btw, i measured the golden ratio against my no-makeup face... so the height and width of eyes should be smaller... and... the width of my lips should be wider ----

and it should look more like...

but.. i find that i look kinda weird here..
probably because of the photoshop? >.<

i still prefer my first "golden ratio" =D

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