Friday, May 27, 2011

My recent hairstyles changes

Hello everyone!


i had two haircuts and coloured my hair once!

sorry for not updating frequently..

thank you for constantly checking my blog!
arigatou much! <3

this is my JAPAN-HAIRCUT that has become longer.

still very nice! <333
thank you kita-san~

*purposely combing my fringe down*
but still loving it..

when for a 
short fringe and more layers =D

this is when i just blow dried my hair. hehehe.

then i dyed n cut my hair at Monso Hair Design Tokyo
and did a treatment too! <3 HEHEHE

streaks of highlights
more ashy now.

more layered! hahahaha

sorry for not updating frequently!

*i'm going to draft for another post now!*

ja ja ja ja ja ne~ <3

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