Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hairshoot with Nth Magazine

hello everyone!

on wednesday, i went for a hairstyle shoot with NTH magazine.

last month i went to their BGSG photoshoot too!
it's the BEAUTIFUL GIRLS SINGAPORE magazine *shy*

both are new japanese style magazine that will be released on 28th JUNE!
if you are interested in being their model, please give them a mail! <3

sooo.. anyways, back to the photoshoot on wednesday.

it's a hair shoot..
by MONSO hair design TOKYO.

yes! my previous hair was dyed and cut at MONSO too!
*sponsored* $_$

and there's two theme to that shoot.
one the NATURAL look and the other is the WILD look.

the second style --- wild look!

i really love the wild look as Soga san back combed all my hair up and made it look really voluminous! 

the difficult thing about this photo shoot was....



it felt soooo weird to NOT SMILE for more than 2hours!

sooo basically i have to give this kind of stare all the times...

i literally stared until my eyes hurt!

and after the shoot, i went for dinner with my dearest dear dear who has been waiting for me for almost an hour! hahahaha

*love love*

and my hair was sooooo messy when the pins were removed so...
i could only tie a bun!

but it's a super big bun!

saw the plait inside~
super cute lor! 
all these little details make me admire soga-san more!

and coincidentally, we went to a zichar shop that sells really good buns!

my deep fried buns!
super nice!
esp when you dip them in gravy!

super crispy on the outside and soft warmy inside!
love the natural sweetness that comes with it!


and after the shoot, when travelling for dinner...
i smiled all i want in the car!

smiling is such a happy thing!



my dear's no smile stare~ 
*showing his muscle* hurhurhur

and and...
i went down to the studio looking like THIS!

i swear my hairstylist didn't recognise me!


next post will be on....

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