Sunday, June 26, 2011

[sponsored review] Bio-essence Celebrity's Choice

hello everyone.

thesameplestore sent me a sample to review.
it's a set of Celebrity Choice InchlLoss Shower Scrub & Body Cream Extra Strength Trial Kit 

Bio-essence Celebrity's Choice
7 Days Slims ½ Inch! TOO HOT TO HANDLE! 2X* STRENGTH
With Increased Heat Sensation to Firm Skin & Burn Fats Faster!

having recently gained a lot of unwanted fats...
i'm soooo excited to receive this!

trial size though

first i used the Bioessence Shower Scrub

tiny weeny little exfoliating particles


i tried them on my thigh

fairer and smoother! hahaha

then i applied the Body Cream Extra Strengh on my thigh

for the first few hours, i really didn't feel any heat...
just irritating pricking feeling..
not that it's not effective in heating up your fats~
but this product works that way!

'Feel the tingling heat sensation immediately after application, helping to promote body shaping, contouring and firming of skin instantly for a slimmer silhouette.'

i guess some consumer doesn't really like the heating sensation?

but i would love it if it has the heating effect...
cause somehow...
i will feel that it's BURNING MY FATS away...


i love the smell of both products..
and the body cream is highly absorbent! 

------ Products ----

InchLoss Shower Scrub

A revolutionary product that promotes blood and oxygen circulation while showering for a smoother, firmer and slimmer looking body. It contains Bio Energy Fluid, Bio Mineral Amino Acid Essence, Capsicum, Ginger, Ginseng and Pineapple Essence to stimulate the slimming and firming process while encouraging rapid cell renewal
It also deeply cleanses & exfoliates to remove dead skin cells during shower.
RSP : $12.90 for 200g

Celebrity’ Choice
InchLoss Body Cream

An exclusive formula that creates a pleasant heat sensation to help burn away excess fats in the arms, tummy and thighs areas for a slimmer-looking silhouette. It contains Bio Mineral Amino Acid Essence, Capsicum, Ginger, Ginseng, Pineapple Essence and Caffeine to enhance the fat burning and slimming process while improving skin elasticity and texture. This highly moisturizing, non-greasy formula also penetrates quickly to leave skin feeling soft, smooth and firm while leaving a pleasant fragrance on your skin. It also helps to promote digestion & relieves bowel movements when applied and massaged at the abdominal area. 

Interested in getting this?
Join the Bioessence Fan Page & stand to win a set of Celebrity Choice products here:


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