Thursday, June 30, 2011

[Sponsored review] FUWARIE Hair products

hello everyone!

i'm going to try curling my hair


black - straight hair
white - curly hair
red - bobbed hair

i choose the one that is for bob hair~~

you must be wondering why i've chosen the bob hair mist when i have medium length hair..

the bob hair mist helps to smooth out unwanted wavy hair.. 
and also, it helps to keep the hair curl inwards with the airy feel <3 

let's start curling~~

kelly's super satisfied with the curling water face~
look at the curl!
so neat!
i swear i only held it there for 5 secs!

and tada~!!

after curling~
inward curl!
i'm really amazed in how AIRY they managed to keep the hair in!

after curling...
u can put the Fuwarie Soft Arrange  JAM to make your hairstyle last longer~

it's super cute!!
and it smells so nice!
and best of all..


and.... why is it called a JAM?

it's soooooo deliciously jammy~

and since...
this is a curling water for bob hair~

it's really really really really NICE when u do a bob hairstyle with it!!

i'm considering to cut to a bob! <3



super cute right?

i tied and hid my longer hair behind =D


the best thing is that...
the curl will last!!

about 6 hours later...

see the curls~~
love it!! <3

i will really recommend everyone to get a hair mist before curling!

BECAUSE there's a risk of HAIR BURN!

continuous and repeated usuage of hair curlers or irons will eventually cause severe damage such as split ends and brittle hair! >.<

and once damaged, your hair will NEVER return to its original state!

fortunately, FUWARIE provides a coating that will prevent it from heat damage!
not only that...
there's an oil component that penetrates hair cuticles to strengthen the hair from within..

to be honest, i sucked at curling my hair!
i failed sooo many times...

all these while i blamed it on my skills and my curler...

i just realised...

it's because i'm missing something!!

hair mist from FUWARIE~!

try it and you will know the difference!!

it's soooooo good that i BOUGHT myself another curling hair mist.
this time round for curly hair!

the best REVIEW for a product is...
when you tried the sample, u hurried to buy yourself another bottle!!


hehehehehehe!! go try it!
you won't regret!

at least i didn't!!

Fuwarie will be sold at selected Watsons and aLT Beauty Corner @ BHG
Hair Mist SGD$12.90
Hair Jam SGD $ 12.90
Hair spray $9.90

products kindly sponsored by 
Eternity Inter-Trade (Singapore) Pte Ltd

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