Thursday, July 14, 2011

[event] Bebe Poshe launch party

BÉBÉ POSHÉ Event Launch was organized by BÉBÉ POSHÉ SG (Beaute Inn Pte Ltd)

hello everyone!!

sorry for the lack of updates recently!!

exams week!! >.<

i finished one practical exam today so...

i'll blog!! =DD

so last weekend, mitsuki and i went to the BEBE POSHE LAUNCH PARTY~

so... a little introduction for BEBE poshe before i start spamming photos >.<

A brand-new luxurious makeup brand – BÉBÉ POSHÉ – was ushered in during the mid-summer of 2010. 
A collaboration among Taiwanese socialites including, Jennifer Lin, Sun Yun-Yun, Sun Ying-Ying, Michelle Liao and Cammier Huang, a luxurious makeup brand created by socialites for socialites is born. Working with celebrity makeup artist You Si Qi, who is an experienced maestro in the field of cosmetics and aesthetics, the brand is the epitome of how impeccable style, luxurious design and effective formula can come together.With a passion for beauty, the socialites and You Si Qi spent an entire year in search of the perfect formula and to structure the right makeup techniques. The celebrity team travelled to different fashion cities and be in the company of subtle fragrances so that they can immerse themselves in the realms of perfect beauty and luxurious art. This inspires the invention of splendid makeup for the creation of a face that’s only synonymous with royalty.

and we were supposed to go there without makeup!!

O..... M..... G.....!!

we obeyed the rules~~
*how brave*

and we settled down at a table full of BEBE POSHE's products~

pink brush!

their lashes

lip gloss

lip sticks

super cute colour!

rose lip balm~

brushessssss and eyeliners

blush and bronzer


perfect concealer

sorry i didn't try out all the products because...

that time...

they were serving FOOD...





after the round of appetizer and ample time of cam-products-whore...

the event started~

there's a makeover demostration..

popular makeup artist

explaining in details the look she wants to achieve

and let the magic begins~

sorry it's not very clear here..
but can u see that the model has got BIG-SMALL EYES~!
power of melissa yeo and bebe poshe~

and then..
we were invited back to our seats to try their makeup!

they are sooooo thoughtful that they placed out mirror on everyone's seat

after 20 minutes......

purple eyeshadow on top and yellow n brown eyeshadow bottom~

and i'm absolutely in love with their BLUSHER!!
it's super super nice!
the colours are vivid but not too dark.
even on second application, it still looks very nice and healthy!

and with the makeup on...
we headed off to CAMWHORING~


pretty mitsuki

>.< shoo pretty right?
her limited edition eggXsby lashes are soooooo pretty~

it's fun to go events with her!!
^u^ hehehehehehe

our Polaroids!

and camwhored with some pretty bloggers~~

himeko who said that her skin was bad that day...
but it wasn't!
nevertheless, speedy recovery~~!

( himeko's blog  : )

pretty pretty Jayley!

with pretty pretty doll-jayley~
Jayley's blog :

and pretty pretty Hayley~
hayley's blog :

and yes!!
they are twins~!
the most famous twins in singapore!

and they are sooo cute!
they look like dolls!!

>.< seriously!
i'll show u a >.< candid shot of them....
look like dolls right? <3

after the makeup session, the event ended~
but the love for bebe poshe haven't!

seeeeee my goodie bag~~~~~

eyeliner, PERFECT concealer , lip gloss and mascara~ <3

and i seriously love their blush.
and it's soooo affordable! ( =.= not like RMK.. )

bebe poshe's product are available at selected Watsons.

Watsons Toa Payoh, East Point and Forum Galleria

but do check their facebook for more new locations!

Like BÉBÉ POSHÉ SG facebook to play the incredible memory game & win $80 worth of BÉBÉ POSHÉ of your choice:

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  1. Seeee our country should have events like that here! foodies and knowledge and freebies!! <3 plus you all look so amazingly cute!


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