Saturday, July 30, 2011

MAKEUP VIDEO, at last..

hello everyone!!

i've finally.....

UPLOADED my makeup video!!

sorry for delaying them for sooo long... 

the reasons for the delay was...
i never had luck with my camera while taking videos...
first time, my battery went flat..
second time, my camera toppled down..
third time, the lighting went super wrong...
and etc etc..

i used my boyfriend's webcam instead! 
he left his lappie here with me while he went for work..

cut the story short...
webcam gave me minimal problems!!

so here's the video~

i basically 3x the speed for the whole video...
sometimes 5x the speed...

first time doing it...
so was a little unsure on how to show you all the method i used...
i hope you still managed to catch something while watching it!

so now..
let's see how that makeup looks in my camwhore photos~

PS : i'm not pointing middle finger >.<

different angle

feel free to ask me questions..
and if you have any tutorial requests 
(eg, how to paste the eyelashes.. how to paste double eyelid sticker...)
don't be shy! 
just tell me ! =D

and i really hope you all like the video! <3

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