Saturday, July 2, 2011

My Favourite Models 大好きなモデルさん~

hello everyone!

today i'm going to share with you all my favourite models~~

they are all soooo cute!!
i strive to look a little bit like them everyday <3

with no specific ranking....

Popteen, Nicky Model

because her smile is just toooooo captivating~~
her smile is just too 癒される~ i feel so happy just looking at her smile

Ranzuki model
AYA SUZUKI (suzu~~)

a friendly and cheerful image in ranzuki made me a fan of ranzuki. hahaha
she's the first japanese model that i really really like~

Shirato ayaka

i first came to know about her....
was when i was blog hopping in ameblo's "famous people ranking"
and when i first saw her photo..
i was like.... " WAAAA LIEWWW~~ WHY SOO PRETTY? >.<"
hehehe and after since i've been checking her blog everyday~

and even though she is just 20!! SHE'S A MOTHER!!
can you believe it?

and because i think hardly any of us read LOVE MAMA...
 so i'll share another photo of this lovely gyaru-mom~!

shoooo pretty right? hehehehe

EGG dokumo
Saitou mirai

she's just toooo cute to resist >.<
i hope she becomes an egg exclusive model sooon~~

Popteen Dokumo , Yumetenbo model
Fukudome Arisa (arishan~)

often appears on popteen!!
she looks like a doll~~~~~~~~~~~~
small sharp face, and big eyes~
with wavy dreamy hair~~

you can see her in yumetenbou website~

but not all my favourite models are GYARU~
i do appreciate natural makeup too~ ^u<
but as for now...
i love gyaru makeup MORE ~

so let me introduce u my PRETTY PRETTY MODEL~

NON-NO model
shoooo pretty~

i actually don't know why i'm attracted to them..
it's like they just look so.....

do you find any similarities between the models i like?
please tell me if you do.. ^^

then i can work towards it to be the GIRL that i will like <3

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