Saturday, July 23, 2011

Want to see kelly in a magazine? *shy*

hello everyone!

remember my post on the magazine shoot?

it had been long and i've finally gotten myself a new scanner to scan the pages for you guys!

>.< shy!!

to be honest, i don't really like my photos at first...
because i think i look fat and ugly...
etc etc..
and become really emo for a few days...

but friends and family who have seen my photos looked soo proud and happy..
so i thought i should feel a little better of myself...
it's my first time appearing on a magazine anyway... haix... probably the last time though! wahahahahahha

so right now.. 
i'm sharing the photos to you guys as i've promised...

( you can click on the pic to enlarge it )

i look kinda spastic here.

with tsuriki.

my hair shoot that cannot smile throughout the whole photoshoot..
*it's a torture*
but somehow, this picture looks like i'm smiling.. wahahaha

the UP-hair do

the fitting room shoot at rosebullet

i thought there will be more photos.. but
*emo* again 

and closeup on the small kellysssss

i love this look!!

and here are the behind the scenes photos...

with the beautiful tsuriki-chan,

we shoot in the middle of the road!!
super cool right!

the fitting room shoot:

a super happy smile when i exited the shop with LOOTS
too bad i can't have them.. =(

close up!
i did my make up that day!
didn't bring liquid foundation though.. >.<

sorry for the quality of the scans!

if you want to see better quality..
get your copy from these location!

and now...

i will work hard to be someone that will look pretty pretty pretty in photos!
(except camwhores... then again.. kiyomi said that i don't look good in camwhore photos.. hahaha)
i shall go plant mushrooms!

just kidding!
i got over it already!

i'm working hard to diet and trying out new makeups!

and also...
mugging for exams....

oh oh...
can i tell you something...

despite my diet, i gained WEIGHT!
i consoled myself by saying that muscle is heavier than fats..

anyway, i love you guys!!
i can't wait till my exams is over then i could blog more frequently!

and and!!
----> look at my followers!
it's going to be 500 soon!

are you ready for a new giveaway? =D

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