Monday, August 29, 2011

fashion hook clearance sale + dangerously high amount of camwhore

hello everyone!!

last sunday i went for the clearance sale home boutique for FASHION HOOKS

and i spent the whole afternoon there slacking and camwhoring.. (^u^)V

*life is soooo good after exams*

Cynthia, kiyomi and me

this is the only photo i've got with Cynthia, though i've found some unknown camwhore photos in my camera..
(because she complained of bad makeup day and bad hair day) 

for example...

yes, put small small cause i'm jealous they never ask in to join (  .= =)

actually, i think i'm most likely camwhoring with their cameras at that time...

and because i've got too many photos for this post...

i shall do less writing...

many said that she looks like me.. (yes, cause i'm OLDER muahaha)
what do u know?

as anti-social as i might have seen..
but i've got a lot more solo camwhore photos >.<


cynthia's house has got such nice lighting..
that i couldn't stop camwhoring...

and i was definitely on a winky mood that day....

wink 1

wink 2

wink 3

wink 4

wink 5


and the smiling without eyes mood..

gosh.. i think my camwhore photos are quite standardized one...
i need new camwhore faces!

i've been doing the duck's face oh too often =(
but it kinda becomes my signature smile..
(   =.=) they named it the DEADLY KELLYKONOMI SMILE...

and just some updates...

  1. lolita shoot on wednesday
  2. okarie inspired makeup done
  3. visual kei makeup, still working on it
  4. skin care routine , will be up soon
  5. mezaik tutorial, photos taken.. will be up soon!
at the mean time, if you still want to request for any more special posts...
please comment at

the more the merrier!!

*sorry for this camwhore post*

Friday, August 26, 2011

Birthday Part 3

Hello everyone!!

regularly updating my blog worx!

updated on birthday part 2 already~! if you haven't read it yet, GO GO~~

we started off our morning back in sentosa spa bontanic again~!

we enjoy their facilitates~! hehehehe

they got MUD POOL~

mud to spread on your body for nourishing and detoxicating~!

all muddy up! hehehehee

keith like a little boy playing with the lying float.. wahahaha

hot tub and cold tub

after enjoying ourselves thoroughly in spa botanica...

we headed off to steamboat~
it was supposed to be a surprise party with my friends....

but.. i kinda spoilt their plan...

cause i saw their message on keith's handphone!

but it's not my fault!
it's just popped up when i'm holding it!


the tomyam soup base is damn super good~~

*look at all the food we ate* wahahaha

hehehe thank you guys!
i feel soooo loved when i see these photos >.<

and my presents!

thank you!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Birthday Part 2

Hello everyone!!

i'm going to blog about my birthday part 2~! <3

it starts.... from afternoon~~~

cause we rolled too long and i took too long to pack my bag. hahaha

rushing for our first destination...

to take our flight....




sorry for the messy hair!
we were rushing cause we were running late! wahahaha

and in case you're envying over us going overseas....


it's iFLY flight~!

iFly at sentosa
world's largest themed wind tunnel for indoor sky diving~!

so basically we do this!
but we weren't that good.. hahaha

our ifly pass~!

flying off soooon~!


all suited up!

and ready to go!

it was really fun!
i really enjoyed my time at iFly!

although it's quite hard keeping our balance, it's really very fun!!

i've got photos of us flying!! hehehe..
will scan and post them up!
*i promise*

after that, we went for lunch at sentosa restuarant...

their buffet

and we went there for ala carte instead of buffet....

and the buffet has yet started...

so it looks like we booked the whole classy restaurant! <3

birthday girl's luck!

YES we booked the whole restaurant~!

my pasta

but where's the sauce.....



tomato sauce~!

keith's wanton mee that costs SGD$27... O.O

looks delicious though.. hhahaha

after a hearty lunch, we headed off to our third destination~!
also in sentosa~

spa botanica~!

spa spa spa spa spa~!
*don't know which bikini girl he's staring at wahaha*

i had a very very very very comfortable aromatherapy massage~!

after the massage, enjoying their detoxification tea~

after the spa...

we went to THE GARDEN to have our dinner...

for those who read my tweets, you might have already know that...

the food doesn't suit our palate at all!

plain water and sparkling water ( SGD$9 each O.O)

delicious looking bread


why you must put pumpkin seeds inside! O.O

apple sauce dressing...

i don't remember the name
but it's water melon and water cress wrapped with roll...

another appetizer...
with mango seafood salad with lemon sherbet

my dear's epic look when i told him to eat more...

a seemingly safe chicken noodle soup.
but it's not toufu in the middle, it's some fermented soggy thing!

best of all...
my beef tenderloin~! 

with some sour sauce and bubbles~ <3 hehehe
so cute

waiting for desserts~!


soy bean curd

crusted cheesecake with rasperry sauce...
very nice!

and then after desserts, the waiter came and served us the cake while singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG~!


that's all for birthday part 2!
please wait for birthday part 3~!

yeah! i'm a super super super fortunate girl <3

love you guys~!


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