Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Any requests? =D

Hello everyone!

i'm just taking a short break from my mugging time...

and i missed blogging... >.<

24+4 more hours to go and i'll be as free as a bird~

and i will definitely update my blog regularly! =D

Do you have any request post you would like me to do?
if it's within my abilities, i will definitely want to try!

more tutorials?
inspired look?
favourite blog lists?
lolita shoot? gothic look? sexy look?

anything! everything!

i wanna do everything you want to see before my holidays end~!

sooo please feeeeel freee to state your requests below! *pointing at the comments bar*

go go!


thank you!

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Weeee~ thanks for ur comments!


we love it and enjoy reading them!


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