Sunday, August 21, 2011

Birthday Part 1

hello everyone!

firstly i would like to thank everyone for wishing me happy birthday! =DDD

and i would and have to like my loved ones for making my 21st birthday memorable!

for everyone who has posted on my facebook wall... i love you! thank you!
for everyone who will be commenting on this post.... i love you! thank you!

and for those who celebrated with me... i love you all tooo much!! *touched*

and for my papa mama who prepared a spread for me on my birthday... thank you!! i love you!! i loveeeee u!!

and for my dear who planned everything out so sweetly... i love you!! i love you!! hehehehee! beyond words!!

thanks everyone who made me feel so loved on my birthday!
kelly is a lucky girl! <3

and thank you guys for being here with me to share my happy emotion!
i love you too!


on 19th august ( the night before my birthday )

we had a warm warm family dinner...


yum yum! 

and after that...
it's cakey time!!!

yea!! midnight delight from coldstone creamery!


because we took too long steamboat-ing....

our cake became....

an avalanche~!!!


but it's still freaking awesomely DELICIOUS!!

the brownie is sooo moist and the chocolate ice cream is soooo rich!
and the combination together is just toooooo good!!!

if you have a party and you're buying this cake, please invite me >.<


it's present unwrapping time!!

papa mama gave me red-packet ( an auspicious packet with money inside )

and my dear dear?


what's within this big and heavy gift box?




it's a laptop!!!

chang chang!! 

so loved..


*smelling my laptop now*

kelly is a happy happy girl!!

will update on part 2 soon!! <3

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