Friday, August 26, 2011

Birthday Part 3

Hello everyone!!

regularly updating my blog worx!

updated on birthday part 2 already~! if you haven't read it yet, GO GO~~

we started off our morning back in sentosa spa bontanic again~!

we enjoy their facilitates~! hehehehe

they got MUD POOL~

mud to spread on your body for nourishing and detoxicating~!

all muddy up! hehehehee

keith like a little boy playing with the lying float.. wahahaha

hot tub and cold tub

after enjoying ourselves thoroughly in spa botanica...

we headed off to steamboat~
it was supposed to be a surprise party with my friends....

but.. i kinda spoilt their plan...

cause i saw their message on keith's handphone!

but it's not my fault!
it's just popped up when i'm holding it!


the tomyam soup base is damn super good~~

*look at all the food we ate* wahahaha

hehehe thank you guys!
i feel soooo loved when i see these photos >.<

and my presents!

thank you!!

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