Monday, August 29, 2011

fashion hook clearance sale + dangerously high amount of camwhore

hello everyone!!

last sunday i went for the clearance sale home boutique for FASHION HOOKS

and i spent the whole afternoon there slacking and camwhoring.. (^u^)V

*life is soooo good after exams*

Cynthia, kiyomi and me

this is the only photo i've got with Cynthia, though i've found some unknown camwhore photos in my camera..
(because she complained of bad makeup day and bad hair day) 

for example...

yes, put small small cause i'm jealous they never ask in to join (  .= =)

actually, i think i'm most likely camwhoring with their cameras at that time...

and because i've got too many photos for this post...

i shall do less writing...

many said that she looks like me.. (yes, cause i'm OLDER muahaha)
what do u know?

as anti-social as i might have seen..
but i've got a lot more solo camwhore photos >.<


cynthia's house has got such nice lighting..
that i couldn't stop camwhoring...

and i was definitely on a winky mood that day....

wink 1

wink 2

wink 3

wink 4

wink 5


and the smiling without eyes mood..

gosh.. i think my camwhore photos are quite standardized one...
i need new camwhore faces!

i've been doing the duck's face oh too often =(
but it kinda becomes my signature smile..
(   =.=) they named it the DEADLY KELLYKONOMI SMILE...

and just some updates...

  1. lolita shoot on wednesday
  2. okarie inspired makeup done
  3. visual kei makeup, still working on it
  4. skin care routine , will be up soon
  5. mezaik tutorial, photos taken.. will be up soon!
at the mean time, if you still want to request for any more special posts...
please comment at

the more the merrier!!

*sorry for this camwhore post*

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