Sunday, August 14, 2011

introducing my fav shopping spot and my HAULS ~

Hello everyone!!

I'm back for breather! heehehe

i've one week break before my next exams...


i've decided to go.....

yes shopping!!
it's my ultimate stress reliever!

however, shopping brings about a lot of financial stress...

that's why i love to shop at BUGIS STREET~!

the clothes there are cheap and nice!!
it's a treasure hunting paradise!! *^u^*

(with my new small bag) hehehe

my yesterday's coordinates..
school girl style~ wahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

 all this is what i've hunted yesterday!

here's my Hauls~

from BHG
not from bugis..
but they got JAPAN FAIR... =D

 socks for $7.50
 this one! i always wanted to get.only $9.90 now!
 buy one get one free =D

from bugis street
hair band
3 for $10

from isabelle's closet
babydoll dress
$15 from isabelle's closet

super cute top from isabelle's closet



 $15 one piece ( looks like two piece though ) from a shop near the stairs to second level.

last one...

most expensive buy of yesterday >.<
from a second level shop near the stairs

so even though it's more expensive than my blue dress (that i got online)
i still bought it because it's OOS online.. *emo elmo*

and nevertheless, i'm very happy with my shopping trip~

i believe all singapore girls know about bugis street and it's wide variety of affordable japan-style clothes!

so for all my international friends...
i shall upload all the snapshots i took!!

let your sharp eyes do the hunting!
How to go to bugis street
- first you need to take mrt to BUGIS station.
- alight and turn to your right.
- and take the escalator on your right (not the one inside the shopping mall)
- then walk straight to topman.
- then cross the traffic!

and i usually go by this entrance...
the one nearest to the burger king (now under construction)

 bugis street is a shopping paradise..
if you have time, you should visit every store..
every store has got a gem waiting to be discovered...
at really really affordable prices...
but here's my normal shopping routine that of places i must visit..

 (can click to enlarge)

Route 1.

 turn in at princess street
row of shops...

turn to your right here

 towards the rear end of the street you will see
they got super nice chicken and bubble tea!
i usually order yakult green tea with QQ

then after that i will walk back and start shopping...

main shops to visit "isaballe closet"
(my two pink stars)
i'm sure a lot of singaporeans reading now must be nodding your head and recalling at all your hauls you bought from isabelle's closet...

just buy looking at the interior of the shop you know how kawaii the clothes are inside right~

and they opened a new shop at the other lane...

you can walk from the entrance and turn in after u see the nepal signboard

turning in....

walk to the lane at the left hand side of the t-shirt shop.

and walk straight you will see...

isabelle's new shop!

kawaii ne~~

so that's my favourite shop in bugis =D
i visited them soo soooomany times...
bought a lot of their dresses ! <3 cause it's so kawaii and affordable!
every time isaballe will give good advice on fashion wear
and introduce me new arrivals <3333

good buys, affordable prices and friendly staff...
that constitutes my favourite shop hehehehe

isabelle is a bella~

young and pretty lady boss =D
and after you made one round at the first level...
do remember to go to the second level worx~~

it's air-conditioned


i bought some hair accessories here

 and they've got level 3 too!

soooooo this is my LOVE LOVE SHOPPING guide. wahahaha
hope u all enjoy it!

one day.. maybe we will bump into each other at bugis street
*high high high possibility after my exams* 


Weeee~ thanks for ur comments!


we love it and enjoy reading them!


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