Friday, September 30, 2011

[review] Japan Barbie Circle Eye (ring)- Brown

hello everyone! 

i'm going to review on JAPAN BARBIE CIRCLE EYE !
kindly sponsored by

tada~! my present >.< 

two lens, two len cases , one lovely thank you card! =D

my animal cases! sooooo cute! hehhehehe

two lens that come in super adorable boxes!
the other one.. will be revealed sooon =D

first, let me review on JAPAN BARBIE EYE~!
its the first time i've tried this brand!

really love the packaging~!


Closeup on eyes:

(room light)


 Diameter : 15.8mm Water Content : 48% Base Curve : 8.6mm Life Span : 1 year disposal

Comfort :★★ The lens are really comfortable. No blurring out at all! And my eyes doesn't feel dry even after 5~6hours!

Design : ★★★☆ i'm really afraid that the jagged ring will appear really weird when wearing. However, it looks natural and you can't really see the jagged lines unless it's super bright flash( with CLOSEUP )

Magnifying effect : ★★★★☆ The magnifying effect is just nice. Suitable for light makeup as well as darker makeup!

and goooood news SINGAPOREANS!
i still managed to receive this! <3 hehehe

so don't worry!
you can order from Shoppingholics!

can't wait to review on the other lens they sponsored! >.<

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Eternity Inter-Trade AWESOME SALE!

Hello everyone!

Today i went to ETERNITY INTER-TRADE sale with PEARLY (my sis)~!

AND... they have a lot of awesome items at cheap prices!

A little shoutout to all of you residing in singapore who have yet been there!
you must goooo~!
tomorrow is the last day! (friday 29/9/2011 last day)

and yes!! the poster don't lie!!
it's really CRAZY LOW PRICES!!

let's gooooo~!
*virtual tour*

3pieces for $10!

my favourite daily mask!

soo cheap!

lip gloss and blusher

sexyyyy ichikami~!

juju aqua moist~!


this is what we bought!
spent a total of $56!

wanna know what's inside?



3 for $10



$15 (original price $39.90)

$1 each!

makeup remover cream $5

facial wash $3

blusher $2

3 for $10

hand cream $1

free samples!

free sample with purchases more than $50!

we love all our purchases!!

hurrrrrry~~~ CHIONG to Eternity Inter-trade SALE!
last day on FRIDAY 29/9/11

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Diet for different blood types

Different Blood type has different food that will make you fat?


yes! it's absolutely true!
They have different enzymes and also ways that information are transmitted to the brain. Therefore different blood types has different types of food that suit them during diet. Eating these food will also help you to attain better complexion!

B type:
For diet, type B people needs to enjoy themselves while dieting. Extreme dieting method doesn't suit them!
Food that suits them : 
+ Red meat
+ Fish
+  Berries
+ Cherry
+ Strawberries
+ Banana
+ Dairy products

Food best avoided :
- Chicken
- Corn
- Peanuts
- Sesame 
- Apricot
- Coconut
- Persimmon
- Cashew nuts

Recommended exercises :
Tennis, golf and aerobics are good. Other exercises that are also suitable are hiking and cycling.

A type :
The serious A type tends to give up during to stress. Therefore strict diet is not recommended. Type A should take in recommended food and exercise in a relaxing manner.
Suitable food:
+ Green vegetable
+ Carrots
+ Bean products eg nattou, tofu, miso
+ Salmon
+ Pineapple
+ berries

Food best avoided :
- Red meat
- Dairy products
- Cereal
- Cabbage
- Egg plant
- Mango
- Scallop
- Squid
- Prawn
- Unagi
- Papaya
- Coconut
- Corn oil
- Banana

Recommended Exercises :
Yoga, golf , tai ji exercises, walking etc. Best to be done 3-5 time per week.

AB types :
Even with stress, they stay strong!
Suitable food :
- Bean products
- Salmon
- Maguro (tuna)
- Shiitake mushroom
- Carrot
- Grapes
- Lemon
- Grapefruit
- Berries type
- Watermelon
- Low fat dairy products

Best avoided :
- Chicken
- Processed meat
- Corn
- Seasame
- banana
- Orange
- same as type B

Recommended exercise:
- a mixture of relaxing and active exercises is recommended. Yoga, tai ji mix with tennis and golf will be good!

Type O :
Type O has high metabolism rate.

Recommended food :
+ Red meat
+ Tara
+ spring onions
+ Okura
+ Berries
+ Prunes

Best avoided :
- Carbohydrates food
- Octopus
- Dairy products
- Cali-flower
- Shiitake mushroom
- Pear
- Apricot
- Coconut
- Orange
- Cashew nuts

Exercise recommended :
Jogging, aerobics, body building, kick boxing and swimming kind of active aerobic exercises and muscles strengthening! SWEAT IT OUT!

translated from CHOKI CHOKI girls magazine

hope you'll like it <3

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Giveaway winner

hello everyone!

thank you for your support!

WE HAVE 396 entries for this giveaway!!

including those people who have personally emailed me!
thank you!


our lucky winner for this time round is.....

caro !!

Dear Caro, i've sent you an email! please reply within 7days! if not, it will be passed down to the next random number!


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