Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day out with Amber for lolita shoot!

hello everyone!

i can strike one item in my to-do list already~

which is lolita shoot!

my dearest amberlene
i'm so glad that she joined me in the shoot!
if not i'll be ALONE =(

she looks so sweet here! hehehe
but in real life, she's just a restless kid! wahahaha

actually tied two ponytails...
but it doesn't really suit... 

so i changed to this!

curling my fringe while waiting for the photog

photos taken by amberlene

amberlene~ <3

and sooon..
the shoot started!!

and it's FREAKING HOT!!

can imagine...
the typical singapore weather + thick layers of clothes...

amberlene playing with the photog's camera

i'm camwhoring!

PS : i don't have a mole on my fingers.. it's my eyeliner! wahaha

photo taken by amberlene!
nice right? =D hehehehehe

her camwhore~!
*little princess hat*



super super pretty photo of amberlene!
she took this while she was lying down!

detached my sleeve~!
cause it's too hot!

after 3 hours, our shoot ended!

then we chilled at jus asia.~

untied my hair..
and it looks like WEAVE HAIR...
*self proclaimed*


but my friend said that my camwhore poses are too limited !
i need to think of new ones >.<

i'm still waiting for more photos to be sent to me from the photographers...
but i've received a set of super super super super super pretty photos from my photographer JIMMY TAN!
he's super super awesome!! <3 <3

will upload them up later!! <3 <3

i would like to thank everyone who participated in the shoot!
thank you soo much!
even though it's tiring.. it's super super fun!
and successful!

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