Thursday, September 29, 2011

Eternity Inter-Trade AWESOME SALE!

Hello everyone!

Today i went to ETERNITY INTER-TRADE sale with PEARLY (my sis)~!

AND... they have a lot of awesome items at cheap prices!

A little shoutout to all of you residing in singapore who have yet been there!
you must goooo~!
tomorrow is the last day! (friday 29/9/2011 last day)

and yes!! the poster don't lie!!
it's really CRAZY LOW PRICES!!

let's gooooo~!
*virtual tour*

3pieces for $10!

my favourite daily mask!

soo cheap!

lip gloss and blusher

sexyyyy ichikami~!

juju aqua moist~!


this is what we bought!
spent a total of $56!

wanna know what's inside?



3 for $10



$15 (original price $39.90)

$1 each!

makeup remover cream $5

facial wash $3

blusher $2

3 for $10

hand cream $1

free samples!

free sample with purchases more than $50!

we love all our purchases!!

hurrrrrry~~~ CHIONG to Eternity Inter-trade SALE!
last day on FRIDAY 29/9/11

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