Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Japan Trip Day 06 - NAGOYAAA

On the 6th day of our japan trip, we headed off to nagoya...

because tokyo will have their scheduled blackout at 6pm..
which means..
we can't live tokyo after 6pm.. =.=

we told the shinkansen to nagoya that morning...

and the sun was warm and bright that day...
i couldn't help but to camwhore.. wahahaha

miso soup canned!

camwhore again..
ah.. the sun was sooo kind on me that day.. <3

nice right? hehehe

still very nice..
i love you sun~

the bentou my boyfriend purchased


on the other hand, mine looks really....


shouldn't have took that..

but it's cold and hard~!


munching on his oishiiiiiii bentou!

shall just continue to camwhore.. wahahaha


after a while...

my boyfriend took this while i was asleep >.<

and soon we checked in into our hotel...
super expensive and grand hotel...
.>.< money~!

and it's just above the shopping center~!

changed to skirt instead as the weather was sooo nice!

we actually planned to head there because we wanted to go for a matsuri...
the fertility matsuri...
not because we are going to have a baby..  (   =.=)
but it's because...
it's just such a weird matsuri...

they actually carried a giant penis statue from the mountain to the city and the priests will throw mochi on the crowd...
not sure what that signifies but it's really cute! wahahahahaha...

but because the town where it's headed is really really far away from nagoya station...


we decided to play in NAGOYA...

and ....
another reason is because..


i bought more things here than in shibuya109!

sometimes the makeup here is cheaper than the retail price in tokyo >.<

i love nagoya~!

after i shopped..
it's quite late already >.<

*hungry boy look*

*pepsi advert*

NAGOYA STATION~! and our hotel is just ther! hehehe

looks super super delicious!
but we didn't try it! >.<
next time MUST!

and instead we went to eat the super super nice look omelette shop!

random act-cool shots:

haha his eyes >.<

waaa cool cool <3

waaaaaaa... 100 points! wahahaha

110 points!!

wahahaha i'm a crazy girlfriend >.< hhehehe

and once...
the food comes....

no one camwhore!
cause we were HUNGRY~!
nom nom!

super super nice!

and we packed the recommended tebasaki home~!

it's really yummy~!

no wonder sooo many people bought it~ <3

so this is nagoya day 1~
i would recommended you to visit nagoya if you've got the time!
because the food is really nice and the stuff there are cheaper than tokyo <3

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