Friday, September 9, 2011

Japan Trip Day 08 - OOOOSAKA

Good time doesn't last long...

the night before...
we got bombarded by our parents' call to return to Singapore ASAP...
as there were overwhelming negative reports about the chaotic situation in japan...

we had to changed our 14 days trip to just 9 days.


i guess it's better to return to Singapore sooner...

cause we are left with only 10 000 ++ YEN !

so we took shinkansen to osaka on the 8th day~!

checked in!
and the weather that day was -1 degrees!
freaking cold for eternal-summer-singaporeans >.<


and it's almost night time when we reached there... =(


number one takoyaki~!

super super yummy~! <3

551 horai~!
must try their meat bun! super juicy worx~!

after loitering around in search of our perfect last dinner in japan...

we decided to go for hot plate~!


warm warm..

what we need in a -degrees night.. heehhehee

eskimos me~!

that's our last night in japan....

and the next day morning...
we will be going to the airport...

bye bye japan~!

i will visit you soon~!

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