Saturday, September 24, 2011

[review] I pampered my skin with FOR BELOVED ONE~

hello everyone!

yesterday i pampered my skin with FOR BELOVED ONE mask and i felt like a queen >.<

first, i shall introduce the brand FOR BELOVED ONE to you..
and you will understand why i feel like i'm A QUEEN

It is :
- Top Cosmeceutical Seller in Asia.
- Top Cosmeceutical Seller in Taiwan for Three consecutive years/
- For Beloved Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask Monthly Sales Volumes of 200,000 in Hong Kong
- Most Popular Cosmeceutical Brand in Sephora, China

Recommended by many celebrities and experts such as barbie Hsu(大S), Annie Yi(伊能靜), and Niu Er (牛爾)

sooooo going to try it!

For Beloved One leads the world to a revolution of a first-time creation of  bio-cellulose mask that has its composite material made from the microbial fermentation microorganisms, and is evaluated by the U.S. FDA and earned the recognition of high safety; is made of the most subtle fiber in the nature, only 20 nanometers in diameter, is merely  1/133 of the average non-woven fiber, holds a great skin-friendly texture with  iontophoresis effect, gives serum  product  better infiltration efficiency.

and some more introduction,
it's a little long but read it!
cause it's really awesome!

1.    Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose  Mask
     "Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask" is the country's first mask product with a complex microbial organism that has gone through rigorous fermentation engineering, then is derived from the nano grade organic fibers; it is produced from the natural organic fibers with a  fiber diameter that is 1/133 of the average petrochemical mask (non-woven mask) , it allows air and water vapor to pass through, but can still retain the characteristics of water; it is well attachable to human skin and is now used in the medical community for the purposes of cardiovascular rehabilitation and artificial skin. It serves the purpose of "iontophoresis" treatment, so that serum can be penetrated skin in a more efficient way; its low sensitivity feature makes the mask very suitable for medical treatments such as pulsed light, acid peels, lasers and other cosmetic treatments.

2.    Contain two skin-whitening patent formula at the same time
      The mask contains Lumiskin ™ and Melaclear2 ™, the whitening patent formula from the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. According to the latest discovery, Lumiskin ™ is a key material that is able to affect the formation of melanin, and interferes melanin formation by keeping tyrosinase in a non-active state.

3.    Matrixyl™ amino acid anti-wrinkling patent formula
    Matrixyl ™ is added to the formula to stimulate the skin to produce the first, third and fourth types of collagen to provide moisture supply and elasticity to the skin.

4.    Aglycone soy isoflavone is added to the formula
    Only aglycone soy isoflavone can be accepted by the female hormones receptor of the skin, the result is several times better than ordinary glycosyl isoflavone. Isoflavone can initiate the in vivo antioxidant system to eliminate free radicals.

Suitable for:

1.    People use masks on a regular base.
2.    People wish to achieve fast whitening effect.
3.    People with dull complexion, spots appearance or lack of skin elasticity.
4.    People wish for complexion luster, want to prevent spots appearance in advance.   
5.    People frequently engage in outdoor activities, or wish to wear off wrinkles. 

Main Ingredients and purposes:

  Lumiskin™ adjusts the concentration of calcium ions, and keeps tyrosinase in a non-active state to avoid the formation of melanin.
  Melaclear2™ uses various ways to interfere tyrosinase activity; contains protease which can accelerate the process of wearing off spots and removing dead skin cells, rapidly takes the skin to a bright and flawless state.

   Matrixyl™ can activate the fibroblasts in the dermis, release collagen secretion, and improve aging problem caused by sun exposure.

  West Indian cherry extract is a fruit contains the most abundant amount of vitamin C among all fruits, can reverse the melanin formed in skin; also functions as an antioxidant.聆以拼音方式閱讀 
  Licorice extract can inhibit tyrosinase.

  Aglycone soy isoflavone is a female hormone that can initiate the in vivo antioxidant system to eliminate free radicals.

  Vitamin E is an element of anti-aging.

  Vitamin B5 repairs epidermal cells

the mask is soooo thick!

How to use:
1.    Clean face thoroughly in the morning and at night.
2.    Tear up the mask package, there are three layers inside the package, take out the elastic and translucent bio-cellulose mask.
3.    Spread the wet side of the mask (the side attached to the semi-translucent paper) on your face
4.    Wait for 15-20 minutes, peel off the mask. No need not wash the face before your daily skin care practice.

see the bio-cellulose mask~
it's a really really unique texture!
first mask that i've ever used that have this texture..
and it's really very comfortable to put this one..

imagine putting jelly on your face >.<

and one very coool thing is that...
it won't drop even when there's no ear hook!
this is due to the unique material that adhere to your skin to ensure best diffusion! <3

BEFORE                    AFTER 

my skin is definitely brighter!
and you can't feel it but....
it's tighter, firmer and a lot SMOOTHER!

and there's still a lot of serum left in the packet...
*kiasu* rub on neck and leg~!

I really really love this mask!

Sold at Sephora Singapore exclusively
3pcs/box, S$63

you might ask..
why is this soooo expensive?

it's because...


    QHow to reuse For Beloved One Bio-Cellulose Mask
A Keep the biological mask in a crisper after use and store in the refrigerator. On next use you can wet the mask by spraying “Melasleep Whitening Treatment Serum” or “Melasleep Whitening Treatment Awakening Serum” 3 times, the mask will still remain desirable effect. You can reuse each mask 1-3 times in a week; only the feature of bio-cellulose mask is able to keep consumers away from spending unnecessary money. However due to individual hygiene habit, please pay special attention while using the mask.  聆聽

a bag of mask = $21
however, you can reuse them for three times...
so it's $7 per usage!

really really worth the money!!!


  1. Thank you for this! I didn't know you could reuse them! :)

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